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The newest addition to the UTA Project -

Radio Free Klingon - Conquering the Airwaves - Qapla'!

The Search is OVER: Radio For the Extraterrestrial Intelligentsia


Well -  the weekend newspaper
 brought an interesting story:

$20 for a piece of the airwaves, Walker Art Center project lets just about anyone be a radio broadcaster on a tiny scale.

Pioneer Press

You're only $20 away from owning your own radio station.

Rant, rave, rock or roll — use the airwaves as you choose. The hitch: Your signal is so tiny — just one milliwatt — nobody more than 200 feet away can hear you...

Undaunted, artists and youth behind a new Walker Art Center project are spending the summer helping as many as 500 locals build and operate their own miniature radio transmitters. It's called microradio, and organizers hope the combined voices of the new microbroadcasters inspire a "Radio ReVolt" (the project's title). 

Always happy to jump on a new bandwagon - I discovered that the kits were available from www.canakit.com:

well cool  ....   so we're on the air!   97.7 - the voice of free Klingons

Here is the studio, from delivery, construction and operation!

 The transmitter came in a box: It came in a box

The sophisticated studio is controlled by WinAmp using the awesome power of Windows 95: :
Winamp controls the playlist

Here we have the headquarters of the
Universal Translator Assistant Project.

Think-a-tron,  Mercury Redstones,
Soroban, Rubber Duckie... and NOW

Radio Free Klingon! 
studio in action
     (Note: the blow-up shows you the whole transmitter and power supply.  To the right of the ducky is a four AA battery pack, to the left is the entire transmitter  assembly, including microphone.)

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