Curriculum Vitae

Religious Studies Program
University of Minnesota
245 Nicholson Hall
216 Pillsbury Drive S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Office: 612-625-6393


1991 - Ph.D. University of Minnesota, Program in American Studies.
1982 - M.A.  University of Wisconsin--Eau Claire, English. 
1979 - B.A.  Magna cum Laude.  University of Wisconsin--Eau Claire, English.


2008 – present - Director, Religious Studies Program, University of Minnesota.
2006 – 2008 - Grants Consultant, Institute for Advanced Study, University of Minnesota. 
2005 – 2008 - Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Carleton College, Northfield, MN. 
2001 – 2005 - Director of Curricular Activities, Macalester College’s Lilly Grant for Work, Ethics, and Vocation, Macalester College, St. Paul, MN
1998 – 2005 - Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Macalester College, Saint Paul, MN.
1993 – 1998 - Assistant and Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of American Studies, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN. 
1991 – 1993 - Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of History, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH. 
1986 – 1991 - Adjunct Instructor, Health Arts Program, College of St. Francis, Joliet, Illinois (Twin Cities campuses).


2009 - Grant. University of Minnesota, Office of the Vice President for Research, Responsible Conduct in Research Program. Funding for a workshop titled “Ethical, Methodological, and Pedagogical Challenges in the Empirical Study of Religion.” $1,322.

2008 - Grant. Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Religious Studies for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion. “Conversations on Teaching about Religion in an Interdisciplinary, Interdepartmental Context.” With Ann Waltner, co-PI. $19,569.

Grant. University of Minnesota, Office of Instructional Technology, for a laptop for the Religious Studies Program. $1,616.

2007 - Grant. American Academy of Religion/Teagle Foundation Award for the Study of the Religion Major and the Liberal Arts.  $500.

Jane Dempsey Douglass Prize for Best Journal Article on Women in the History of Christianity.  American Society of Church History. For “Material Expression and Maternalism in Mary Baker Eddy’s Boston Churches: How Architecture and Gender Compromised Mind,” Material Religion 1 (July): 164-97.

Outstanding Service Award, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota.

2004 - Summer Research Fellowship.  Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity, Boston, MA. “Maternalism, Materialism, and Mary Baker Eddy: The Enigma of the Mother Church of Christian Science and the Extension.”  $1250.

2002 - Honorable Mention.  Association of American Publisher’s Outstanding Professional and Scholarly Titles. When Church Became Theatre: The Transformation of Evangelical Architecture and Worship in Nineteenth-Century America, New York: Oxford University Press.

2000 - Publishing Subvention Grant.  Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.  “When Church Became Theatre: The Transformation of Evangelical Architecture and Worship in Nineteenth-Century America.”  $4,000.

1996 - Summer Research Stipend. Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts.  University of Notre Dame. “Women and Sunday-School Space: Gender and Power in Evangelical Church Buildings.”  $1500.

1995 - Course Development Summer Stipend.  Lilly Endowment, Inc. “Everyday Life in Early America.”  $2,500.



2008 - Sacred Power, Sacred Space: An Introduction to Christian Architecture.  New York: Oxford University Press.

2004 - Rapture, Revelation and the End Times: Exploring the Left Behind Series.  Bruce David Forbes and Jeanne Halgren Kilde, eds. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

2002 - When Church Became Theatre: The Transformation of Evangelical Architecture and Worship in Nineteenth-Century America.  New York: Oxford University Press. Paperback edition, Oxford University Press, 2005.



2010 - “Macalester: Religion, the Liberal Arts, and Politics, 1874-2000.” University of Minnesota Press (monograph in press, forthcoming Spring).

“Gender, Power, and Sacred Space: Women in Religious Space.”  Syracuse University Press (advance contract for monograph).

“Oxford Handbook of Religious Space and Place.” J. Kilde, ed. (collection of essays being developed in cooperation with Oxford University Press)

 “Gods on the Mississippi: The Religious Landscape of the Twin Cities, 1840-1940.” Co-authored with Marilyn Chiat, Ph.D.


2005 - “Material Expression and Maternalism in Mary Baker Eddy’s Boston Churches: How Architecture and Gender Compromised Mind.”  Material Religion: The Journal of Art and Belief1 (July): 164-97.  [Winner of the ASCH Jane Dempsey Douglass Prize.  See awards above.]

1999 - “The ‘Predominance of the Feminine’ at Chautauqua: Rethinking the Gender-Space Relationship in Victorian America.”  Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 24 (Winter): 449-86.


2010 - “Christian Worship: Its Time and Space,” American Christianities. Edited by Catherine A. Brekus and W. Clark Gilpin. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press (forthcoming).

“Women and American Religions,” Encyclopedia of American Religion, Peter W. Williams and Charles Lippy, eds. Los Angeles: Sage, CQ Press (forthcoming).

2007 - “Space, Place, and Religious Meaning,” In Conversation, Material Religion: The Journal of Art and Belief, 3:2 (July), 227-78. 

2006 - “Reading Megachurches: Investigating the Religious and Cultural Work of Church Architecture.” American   Sanctuary: Understanding Sacred Spaces. Edited by Louis Nelson. 225-49. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

2004 - “Urbanization and Transformations in Religious Mission and Architecture.”  U. S. Catholic Historian 22 (Spring): 13-32.

“How Did Left Behind’s Particular Vision of the End Times Develop? A Historical Look at Millenarian Thought.” In Rapture, Revelation and the End Times: Exploring the Left Behind Series. Edited by Bruce Forbes and Jeanne Halgren Kilde. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.  [See Books above.]

“Church Architecture and the Second Great Awakening: Revivalism, Space, and Politics.”  New Perspectives on North American Revivalism.  Edited by Michael J. McClymond. 84-108. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

2003 - Review Essay.  “American Protestantism and Leisure.”   Review of Alexis McCrossen, Holy Day, Holiday: The American Sunday (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2000); William D. Romanowski, Popular Culture Wars: Religion & the Role of Entertainment in American Life (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1996); Troy Messenger, Holy Leisure: Recreation and Religion In God’s Square Mile (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1999); Lynne Marks, Revivals and Roller Rinks: Religion, Leisure, and Identity In Late-Nineteenth-Century Small-Town Ontario (Toronto:  University of Toronto Press, 1996); Leigh Eric Schmidt, Hearing Things: Religion, Illusion, and the American Enlightenment (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2000); Kathryn J. Oberdeck, The Evangelist and the Impresario: Religion, Entertainment, and   Cultural Politics in America, 1884-1914 (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999). Religious Studies Review  29 (April): 151-157.

2001 - “Women’s Place: Architecture and Feminism.” Transforming the Disciplines: A Women’s Studies Primer. Edited by Elizabeth L. MacNabb. 225-33. Binghampton, NY: Haworth Press.

1999 - “Architecture and Urban Revivalism in Nineteenth-Century America” Perspectives on American Religion and Culture. Edited by Peter W. Williams. 174-86. New York: Blackwell Publishers.

1998 - Review Essay.  “The Spectacle of Freemasonry.”  Review of Theatre of the Fraternity: Staging the Ritual Space of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, 1896-1929, C. Lance Brockman, curator. American Quarterly 50 (June): 376-96.


2008 - Review of William D. Moore, Masonic Temples: Freemasonry, Ritual Architecture, and Masculine Archetypes (Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 2006), Winterthur Portfolio (42:2/3, Summer/Autumn)
2007 - Review of Ryan K. Smith, Gothic Arches, Latin Crosses: Anti-Catholicism and American Church Designs in the Nineteenth Century (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina, 2006), Church History 76 (March): 213-15.  

2006 - Review of Anne C. Loveland and Otis B. Wheeler, From Meetinghouse to Megachurch: A Material and Cultural History (Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 2003), Church History 75 (September): 689-91.

Booknote on Colleen McDannell, Picturing Faith: Photography and the Great Depression (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2004), Religious Studies Review 32 (January): 32-35.
“Religious Architecture,” The American Midwest: An Interpretive Encyclopedia, edited by Richard Sisson, Christian Zacher, and Andrew R. L. Cayton (Bloomington: Indiana University Press).

2005 - Booknote on Robert S. Nelson, Hagia Sophia, 1850-1950: Holy Wisdom Modern Monument (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2004), Religious Studies Review, 31 (July-October), 188.

Booknote on Richard Kieckhefer, Theology in Stone: Church Architecture from Byzantium to Berkeley (New York: Oxford University Press, 2004), Religious Studies Review, 31 (January-April), 74.   

“The End Times Come to Prime Time” (op-ed essay).  Minneapolis StarTribune, April 13, A17.

Review of Amy Johnson Frykholm, Rapture Culture: Left Behind in Evangelical America (New York: Oxford University Press, 2004). Church History 74 (June): 410-12.

2004 - “Frank Lloyd Wright,” Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart, 4th ed.  Tübingen: J.C.B. Mohr/Paul Siebeck, 2005. “Altars” and “Communion Tables,” Encyclopedia of Protestantism, Edited by Hans J. Hillerbrand, 1:29-31, 1:485, New York: Routledge. 

Review of Gretchen Buggeln, Temples of Grace: The Material Transformation of Connecticut’s Churches, 1790-1840 (Hanover: University Press of New England, 2003).  Journal of Society of Architectural Historians (March): 122-24.

Review of Kathleen Curran, The Romanesque Revival: Religion, Politics, and Transnational Exchange (University Park, Penn.: The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2003). Winterthur Portfolio 39 (Spring ): 84-89. 

2003 - Review of Freemasonry on Both Sides of the Atlantic: Essays Concerning the Craft in the British Isles, Europe, the United States, and Mexico, edited by R. William Weisberger, Wallace McLeod, and S. Brent Morris (Boulder, CO: East European Monographs, 2002). Journal of American History 90 (December): 9-10.

2002 - Review of Yaakov Ariel, Evangelizing the Chosen People: Mission to the Jews in America, 1800-2000 (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2000). Journal of American Studies (British American Studies Association), 36: 321.

2001 - Review of John R. Hall, Philip D. Schuyler, and Sylvaine Trinh, Apocalypse Observed: Religious Movements and Violence in North America, Europe, and Japan (London: Routledge, 2000). Journal of American Studies (British American Studies Association), 35: 146-47.

Review of Paul Eli Ivey, Prayers in Stone: Christian Science Architecture in the United States (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1999).  Journal of American Studies (British American Studies Association), 35: 518.

2000 - “Gender, Social Class, Race, and Material Life,” The Encyclopedia of American Cultural and Intellectual History.  Mary Kupiec Cayton and Peter W. Williams, Eds.  3 vols. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons. I: 533-41.

Review of Fred W. Peterson, Building Community, Keeping Faith: German Catholic Vernacular Architecture in a Rural Minnesota Parish (St. Paul, Minn.: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1998).  Winterthur Portfolio 35 (Winter): 265-68.

1999 - “Von Ogden Vogt.”  American National Biography.  Edited by John A. Garraty and Mark C. Carnes, vol. 22: 389-90.  New York: Oxford University Press.

1998 - Review of Helen A. Cooper, Thomas Eakins: The Rowing Pictures (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1996). Journal of Sport History 25 (Spring): 190-91.

1997 - Review of S. W. Pope, Patriotic Games: Sporting Traditions in the American Imagination, 1876-1926 (New York: Oxford University Press, 1997). Journal of Sport History 24 (Fall): 423-25.

1996 - “Images of Women in Athletics and Society” (Op-ed essay). Chicago Tribune.  August 1.


Invited Lectures

2009 - “Foregrounding the Background: Power and Proximity in Christian Space,” Sacred Space Conference, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. June 2-3 (forthcoming).

2004 - “Evangelical Auditoriums in the Nineteenth Century:  The Overlooked Revolution in Protestant Architecture.” Non-Denominational Church Architecture Conference.  School of Architecture, Judson College, Elgin, Ill. February 20.

2003 - “Urbanization and Transformations in Religious Mission and Architecture.”  Urbanism and American Religion Conference.  Center for the Study of Catholicism in America, Fordham University, Bronx, NY. October 25.

2002 -“Sacred Space as Primary Text: Reading Creed, Code, Cultus and Culture in Church Architecture.” (Un)Common Ground: Rethinking American Sacred Space Conference.  School of Architecture, University of Virginia. Charlottesville, VA. November 1.
2000 - “Hocus Locus: Sacralizing Place through Literature.”  St. Olaf Conference on Worship, Theology, and the Arts.  St. Olaf College.  Northfield, MN.  July 25-26.

1996 - Respondent to Leigh E. Schmidt, Consumer Rites: The Buying and Selling of American Holidays.  Cushwa Center Seminar in American Religion, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN. September 21.

“Evangelical Protestantism and Sacred Space.”  Mediating Spaces: American Religion and Place Conference. Center for the Study of American Religion, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ. May 25.

1994 - “Religious Studies in American Studies.”  American Studies after 50 Years: Retrospective and Prospect at the University of Minnesota.  University of Minnesota.  Minneapolis, MN. October 22. 

Papers Presented

2003 - “From Presbyterianism to Pluralism: The Transformation of Macalester College,” American Society of Church   History. Spring Meeting. Louisville Seminary, Louisville, KY. May 9.

2002 - “Building ‘Spiritual Armories’ in the Twin Cities: Evangelism and Architecture in the Late Nineteenth Century,”  Northern Great Plains History Conference. Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN. October 12.
When Church Became Theatre: Church Design for Preaching.” Sacred Spaces: Legacy and Responsibility. College of Holy Cross, Worcester, MA. April 4.

 2001 - “Academic Reflections on a Fictional Apocalypse: The Left Behind Book Series.” American Academy of Religion Upper Midwest Regional Meeting. St. Paul, MN. April 21.

2000 - “Church Architecture After the Revival, 1845-1900: Negotiating Formalism and Anti-Formalism in Evangelical Worship.” American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting. Nashville, TN. November 19.

“Maternalism vs. Materialism in Mary Baker Eddy’s Mother Church of Christian Science; Or, How Architecture and Gender Compromised Mind.”  American Society for Church History Winter Meeting Meeting. Chicago, IL. January 7.

1999 - “Maternalist Religion in Mary Baker Eddy’s Mother Church.” American Academy of Religion Upper Midwest Regional Meeting. Saint Paul, MN, April 10.

1998 - “The Body and Religious Space: Sacralizing Physicality in Turn of the Century Religious Architecture.” Organization of American Historians. Indianapolis, IN. April 5.

1996 - “Space, Campus and Hierarchy: Geographies of Gender at Notre Dame.”  Gender Studies Critical Issues Roundtable.  University of Notre Dame.  South Bend, IN. April 17.

1995 - “Worshiping in the Theatre: Commercial Performance Space and the Religious Audience.” American Studies Association. Pittsburgh, PA.  November 11.

1994 - “’Spellbound by the Charm’: The Chautauqua Lake Assembly as Women's Public Space.”  Midwest Modern Language Association.  Chicago, IL.  November 11.

“A ‘Spacious, Commodious and Comfortable Place to Speak’: Charles G. Finney’s Revolution in Church Architecture.”  Plenary Session, American Society for Church History Spring Meeting. Oberlin, OH. March 24.

1993 -“Creating Sacred Meaning within Secular Space: Auditorium Churches in the 1890s.” Sacred Space Conference. Miami University. Oxford, OH. March 5.

1992 - “The Chautauqua Lake Assembly of New York Viewed as a Utopian Women's Community.” Nineteenth Annual Communal Studies Conference. Nauvoo, IL. October 16.

1991       “Sanctuary as Theatre: The Late Nineteenth Century Auditorium Sanctuary and Consumer Oriented Protestantism.”   American Studies Association. Baltimore, MD. November 1.


Chair, Commentator, Panel Member, or Session Organizer

2008 - Chair and commentator. “Sacred Space in the Abrahamic Traditions.” Sacred Sites/ Sacred Sights Symposium. University of Minnesota, College of Design. April 5.    

2007 - Co-chair. Business Meeting of the Space, Place and Religious Meaning Consultation. American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting. San Diego. November 17.

Panel member.  “Religious Studies and the Liberal Arts,” American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting. San Diego. November 16.

Commentator.  “The Joy and Threat of Sex in Eighteenth-, Nineteenth-, and Twentieth-Century Protestantism.”   American Society for Church History (ASCH). Spring Meeting. Salt Lake City, UT. April 14.

Commentator. “Religion, Economic Values, and Business Culture in America, 1865-1965.”  Organization of American Historians (OAH). Minneapolis, MN. April 1.

2005 - Chair and commentator.  “Worm Holes or Parallel Universes?  Constructions and Reconstructions of Sacred Space.”  American Society for Church History Winter Meeting, Seattle, WA.  January 8.

2003 - Chair and session organizer.  “Women’s Religious Thought: A Conversation on Mary Farrell Bednarowski’s The Religious Imagination of American Women.”  American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting. Atlanta, GA.  November 24.

2001 - Invited Participant.  “Teaching the New American Religious History Conference.” Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. June 5-7.

1998 - Moderator.  “American Religious Gothic.” Gothic Revival Conference.  Miami University, Oxford, OH. September   18.
Commentator.  “Memory and Place.”  Great Lakes American Studies Association Conference. Miami University, Oxford, OH. March 7.

Chair and session organizer.  “Special Film Presentation: Claiming Open Spaces with Filmmaker Austin Allen.” Great Lakes American Studies Association. Miami University, Oxford, OH. March 7.

1997 - Chair. “Nineteenth Century Regional and National Identities.”  Great Lakes American Studies Association. Bloomington, IN. March 8.

1995 - Session organizer. “Creating and Contesting Religious Meaning: Popular Influences on Ritual Practice and Ritual Space.” American Studies Association. Pittsburgh, PA. November 11.

1994 - Chair.  “Constructing and Contesting Racism and Prejudice in the Early Twentieth Century.”  Organization of American Historians. Atlanta, GA. April 15. 

Session organizer. “Negotiating the Sacred and the Secular in Nineteenth Century Protestant Worship Space.” Plenary Session.  American Society for Church History Spring Meeting. Oberlin, OH.  March 24.


Tour Leader

2000 -2009 - Religious sites tour co-leader with Peter W. Williams at American Society for Church History and American Academy of Religion conferences in Chicago, Toronto, San Francisco, Denver, Boston, Nashville, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., San Antonio, Seattle, and Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., San Diego, New York City, and Montreal.


Teaching Areas

Religion in North America (emphases in sacred space, architecture, and material culture; women and religion, evangelicalism; religious diversity and pluralism) Cultural and social history of the United States – nineteenth and twentieth centuries (emphases in social movements, popular culture, everyday life, recreation) History of women in the U.S.

Selected Courses Taught (complete list available on request)

The Christian Right and Left in America (University of Minnesota
Theory and Method in the Study of Religion (University of Minnesota)
The Religious Right in America (Carleton)
Sacred Space in America(Carleton, Macalester)
Witches, Seers and Saints (history of women and religion in the U.S.) (Carleton, Macalester)
Religion in America, I and II (Macalester)
Utopianism and Communitarianism in America (Carleton, Macalester, Notre Dame)
U.S. History Survey, I and II (Cleveland State University)
History of American Women (Cleveland State University)
Images of Women in America (Notre Dame)
Everyday Life in Early America (Notre Dame)
Leisure and Recreation in America (Notre Dame)
20th Century American Cultural History (first-year seminar) (Notre Dame)
Introduction to American Studies (Notre Dame, University of Minnesota)
American Studies Senior Seminar (University of Minnesota)
Introduction to the Fine Arts (College of St. Francis)
World Religions (College of St. Francis)

Undergraduate and Graduate Advising

2009 - Undergraduate Thesis Adviser. Clynt James Reddy, “Resistance, Revision, Revolution: The Emerging Church. University of Minnesota.

2006 - Undergraduate Honors Thesis Adviser.  Helen Terndrup, “Innocence and Apples: Evangelical Vegetarianism in Antebellum America.”  Carleton College. 

2004 - Undergraduate Honors Thesis Reader.  Emily Baran, “Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Soviet Union and Post-Soviet Russia.” Macalester College.

2002 - Undergraduate Honors Thesis Reader.  Elizabeth Kaziunas, “Homeschooling as Women’s Vocation.”  Macalester College. 

Faculty Co-advisor.  The Future of Southern Sudan: Differing Perspectives Conference. Macalester College. March 1-2.

Undergraduate Honors Thesis Reader.  Suzanne Fioratta, “Calling in Cultural Transition: An Ethnographic Study   of Caseworkers in Refugee Resettlement at a Local Voluntary Agency.”  Macalester College.

1998 - M.A. Thesis Director.  Susie Sohn, “Media Images of Asian American Women.”  University of Notre Dame. 

1996 - M.A. Thesis Director.  Sheila A. Brennan, “‘Do Your Children Play--Or Go To the Movies?’: Constructions of Childhood and Class in Progressive Reform Rhetoric from the Silent Era.”  University of Notre Dame. 

1995 - M.A. Thesis Director.  Christopher J. Butler.  “‘Beneath Rabbit’s Fur’: Post-War Images of Masculinity in John Updike’s ‘Rabbit’ Tetralogy.” University of Notre Dame. 

1993 – 1998 - Reader on several American Studies M.A. theses, University of Notre Dame.

Guest Classroom Lectures

2009 - “Religion and Social Movements in the U.S.,” Interest Groups, Social Movements, and the Politics of Race, Class, and Gender. Dara Strolovitch, instructor. University of Minnesota. April 23.

2008 - “Religion in the Twin Cities,” Twin Cities History. Kevin Murphy and David Chang instructors. University of Minnesota. October 17.

“Religion in America,” International Student & Scholar Services. University of Minnesota. October 10.

“St. Denis and the History of Christian Space.” Cultural and Political ‘Mise-en-valeur’ in Contemporary France: The Case of St. Denis. Susan Noakes, instructor. University of Minnesota. July 10.

2005 - “Premillennial Dispensationalism and the Left Behind Series as a Relgio-Cultural Movement.”  Senior Capstone Seminar, Religious Studies. Paula Cooey, instructor. Macalester College. November.

2003 - “Writing Institutional History: Issues and Problems.”  First-year history seminar on Remembering, Commemorating, and Critiquing the Past.  Emily Rosenberg, instructor.  Macalester College. December 3.

2002 - “Miriam: Liberation through Feminist Hermeneutics.”  Exodus as Liberation.  Rabbi Bernard Raskas, instructor. Macalester College.  November 13.

“Reading Religion on Campus.”  Senior Capstone Seminar, Religious Studies. Paula Cooey, instructor. Macalester College.  April 1.

2001 - “Thinking about Sacred Space.”  Cultural Anthropology.  Dianna Shandy, instructor.  Macalester College.  October 22.

“Reading Hearing Things.”  Senior Capstone Seminar, Religious Studies. Paula Cooey and James Laine, instructors. Macalester College.  April 16.

1999 - “New Evangelicalism in Twentieth Century America.”  Religion and American Cultures. Gayle Graham Yates, instructor.  University of Minnesota. October 29.

“Women in American Religion.”  Religious Studies Senior Seminar.  Calvin Roetzel, instructor.  Macalester College.    March 24.

1997 - “Gendering of Space.”  Gender Studies Introductory Seminar.  MaryRose D’Angelo, instructor.  University of Notre Dame.  January 30.

1995 - “Creating Course-Specific Computer Discussion Lists.”  Encounters in Teaching Forum. University of Notre Dame. September 19.

1994 - “Spatial Analysis and American Studies.”  American Studies Theory and Practice Seminar.  University of Notre Dame. November 28.

“Redefining the Public/Private Spatial Matrix: The Chautauqua Lake Assembly as Women's Space.”  Gender Studies Forum, University of Notre Dame.  November 3.

1993 - “Nineteenth Century Women's Participation in the Chautauqua Lake Assembly in New York State.”  Elder-Campus Lecture Series, Cuyahoga Community College.  Cleveland, Ohio.  May 7.

1990 - “American Religious Architecture.”  Guest lecture, American Religion course. Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, Minnesota.  February 20.

Teaching Publications

1993 - “American Religious Diversity” (Syllabus). Multicultural America: A Resource Book for Teachers of Humanities and American Studies.  Betty E. Ch’maj, ed.  Lanham, MD.: University Press of America.

1992 - Prell, Riv-Ellen, Amy Farrell and Jeanne Halgren Kilde.  Interdisciplinary Writing through Multidisciplinar Writing.  Minneapolis: Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Writing, University of Minnesota.


2009 - “Gods Along the Mississippi: Religious Diversity in Minneapolis, 1840-1930,” Hennepin-University Partnership Brown Bag Lunch Series. April 3.

2007 - Interview with Dahleen Glanton, for “Megachurches, Megashows,” Chicago Tribune, December 27.

“Religious Pluralism on the Landscape of the Twin Cities.”  Didier Seminar, House of Hope Presbyterian Church,  St. Paul, MN.  February 14.

2006 - “Understanding Christian Dispensationalism,” Jewish Women’s Book Club, Golden Valley, MN, May 24.

Radio interviews on The Da Vinci Code.  Minnesota News Network, May 19; KLTK,  Minneapolis, MN, May 20; “University of Minnesota Moment,” May 23.

“Understanding the Left Behind Series,” House of Hope Presbyterian Church, St. Paul, MN. March 29.

2005 - Dialogue participant with Mark Reasoner, “Discussing Rapture Theology: A Model for Ethical Discourse.” University Lutheran Church of Hope, Minneapolis, MN. April 5.

Moderator.  “Roundtable on the Divinity of Jesus.” Macalester College.  St. Paul, MN. March 4.

2004 - “Mary Magdalene, Divine Wisdom, and Secret Societies: Unpacking History and Fiction in The Da Vinci Code.” Macalester-Plymouth Church, St. Paul, MN. May 9.

“From Meetinghouse to Auditorium: Transforming Protestant Churches.” Olivet Congregational Church, St. Paul, MN. April 28.

2003 - Post-play discussion leader for Nickel & Dimed.  American Association of University Women.  August 24.
Community Advisory Committee Member for Nickel & Dimed.  Guthrie Theatre.  Minneapolis, MN. 

“Evangelical Auditorium Churches in the Twin Cities.”  Elder Learning Program.  University of Minnesota. April 8.

2002 - “Understanding Pentecostalism.”  Plymouth Congregational Church, Minneapolis, MN.  April 20.

2001 - Panel Member.  “Religious Accommodation in Employment and Education.” Minnesota Human Rights Day.  St. Paul, MN.  December 7.
“Mysticism, Catholicity, Christian Unity: Understanding Gothic Revival Church Architecture.”  House of Hope   Presbyterian Church.  St. Paul, MN.  December 9.
2000 – 2003  “Religion in America.” World Press Institute.  Macalester College. (August lecture each year.) 

2000 - “Amazing Space: Issues in Protestant Architecture and Worship Practice.” Oak Grove Presbyterian Church, Bloomington, MN.  October 29 and November 5.

Panel Member.  “What’s Hot in Religion.”  Institute for Theological and Interdisciplinary Studies.  St. Paul, MN. April 28.

1993 - Radio Interview.  “Women's Contributions to the Chautauqua Lake Assembly.”  CSU Forum. Cleveland State  University Public Radio.  Cleveland, OH.  March.

Radio Interview.  “M. Jeanne Peterson and Jeanne Halgren Kilde on Victorian Women.”  CSU Forum.  Cleveland State University Public Radio.  Cleveland, OH.  March. 

1989 - “Spiritual Armories: Eclectic Churches in the Late Nineteenth Century.”  Orientation Day Speaker.  Program in American Studies, University of Minnesota.  Minneapolis, MN. September 18.

1988 - “Current Trends in American Religion.”  ISEP Seminar for German Teachers of English, University of Minnesota. Minneapolis, MN.  June.



2003, 2005 - Book jacket testimonials for The Sacred Gaze: Religious Visual Culture in Theory and Practice by David Morgan (University of California Press, 2005); Temples of Grace: The MaterialTransformation of Connecticut’s Churches, 1790-1840 by Gretchen Buggeln (University Press of New England, 2003).

1999 – present -  Director, Twin Cities Religious Pluralism Project.  (Affiliate of the Harvard University Pluralism Project).  See

1999 – 2000 - Writing Consultant and Advisory Committee Member.  Lilly Planning Grant on Theology and Vocation.  Macalester College, St. Paul, MN.  

1998– present - Manuscript reviewer for Oxford University Press, the University of Minnesota Press, Routledge, Blackwell   Publishers,University of  California Press, Columbia University Press, Syracuse University Press, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, Radical History Review, Journal of American  History, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Journal of Urban History, Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, Journal of Religion and American Culture, Material Religion: The Journal of Objects, Art and Belief, Journal of Religion   and Popular Culture, Journal of Religion and Popular Culture.

College and Departmental Service, University of Minnesota

2009 - Hiring Committee Member, CLA Grants Consultant position. Spring.

2008 - Search Committee Member, Position in Indigenous Philosophies, Department of Chicano Studies and Department of American Indian Studies (search cancelled).

Search Committee Member, Position in the Philosophy of Religion Department of Philosophy (search cancelled).

2007 – 2009 - Budget Advisory Committee, College of Liberal Arts (P & A Representative).

2006 – 2008 - Religious Studies Curriculum Committee, co-chair, College of Liberal Arts.

2005 – 2007 - Advisory Board, ex officio, Institute for Advanced Study.


2002 – 2004 - Vernacular Architecture Forum.

1998 – present - American Academy of Religion. Space, Place, and Religious Meaning Consultation, founder and co-convener, 2007-2008.

1993 – present - American Society for Church History.  Council, 2001-03; Nominating Committee, 2003-2004.

1993 – 1999 - Great Lakes American Studies Association.  Executive Committee, 1996-98; Nominating Chair, 1997-98; Program Committee, 1996-98.

1991 – present - American Historical Association. 

1991 – 1998 - Organization of American Historians.

1990 – 1999 - American Studies Association.  Prize Jury Member for best conference paper on religion, 2005.   

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