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Welcome to class!

Welcome to the course!  I am glad to be working with you in this "Composition II" course, as it sometimes is called.  As you know, this course is the longer of the two available Composition II courses--this one being three credits (and the other one being only two credits).  Both Composition II courses involve learning to write research papers.  However, this one is a bit more general, sometimes, and especially a bit more oriented toward people who plan to go on to get a four-year college degree or more.  In addition, the extra, third credit added to this course is for the time it takes to also read a book as a class and research subjects about the book.  This kind of semester-long project, research shows, is the type of learning that students remember better and, years later, the type of learning that students say really helped them.  

I have been teaching courses like this one for over twenty years, and I still very much enjoy teaching them.  In fact, composition happens to be my special field of English.  I have published several articles in academic journals and have made two or three dozen conference presentations about the teaching of writing.   I also have had over 100 publications of  popular-magazine articles and fiction stories, scholarly essays, photographs, and even a few poems in magazines and journals.  (Click here for my resume or a sample fiction story.)  As you can guess, I really love writing--and I love teaching writing, too.

If you ever have any questions, just ask me before or after class, email me, come to my office, or call me at home.  For more information, just click on the "Instructor" link in one of the above boxes, or click here for how to contact me.  I look forward to working with you!

Take care,


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