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2016: Plenaries & Keynotes  |  Program & Abstracts

2015: Keynotes  |  Program & Abstracts


2014: Keynotes  |  Program  |  Abstracts


2013: Keynotes  |  Program  |  Abstracts
Keynotes  |  Program & Abstracts


2011: Keynotes  |  Program & Abstracts


2010: Keynotes  |  Program & Abstracts

2009: Keynotes  |  Program & Abstracts



Breakout sessions vary in size.
MnWE encourages small breakouts
with more active learning and discussion.

Above is a 2015 breakout on accelerated learn-

ing in combined courses. Below is a break-
out by Richard Beach, University of Minnesota.




Updated 15 Sept. 2016




Editions: 12-09, 10-14, 8-15, 9-16

Conference Questions--Larry Sklaney or Danielle Hinrichs. General--Richard Jewell

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