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What is MnCUEW/MnWE?


MnWE is "Minnesota Writing and English," formerly known as MnCUEW (Minn. Colleges and Universities English & Writing).  We are an annual conference and a listserv with a monthly email newsletter reaching colleges and universities throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, northern Iowa, and the eastern areas of North and South Dakota.  MnWE began in 2007 as an initial collaboration between two professors in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system (Richard Jewell), and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Donald Ross).  Their intent, now successfully realized, was to form a statewide conference for all college and university English and writing faculty.

MnWE began officially when English faculty at a Feb. 2007 MnSCU statewide meeting voted by 80% to support an annual English and writing conference for all colleges and universities in Minnesota, and a founding committee formed immediately to run the conference. The committee has grown to include several dozen active members and representatives who come from campuses in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Members of the committee represent a wide diversity of college and university professors, instructors, and graduate students from University of Minnesota campuses, Minnesota and Wisconsin state universities and public two-year colleges, and a variety of nonprofit and for-profit private colleges and universities.

The first conference was in 2009; in size, scope, and nature, the conferences have grown each year.  The annual Thursday-Friday conference, held each spring, now draws almost 200 people.  Richard Jewell serves as the General Coordinator of MnWE, Larry Sklaney serves as the Conference Coordinator, and Danielle Hinrichs serves as the Conference Program Coordinator.  The conference features a scholarly keynote on one day and a creative keynote on the other.  Keynoters are regional and national figures of importance known for their scholarly and/or creative work and its applicability to teaching and learning practice. 

In addition, each conference has a number of small breakout sessions and workshops.  The emphasis in them has grown to emphasize shared works in progress in small-group discussions.  Conferences do offer sessions previously given at national and regional conferences, along with plenaries and keynotes. However, we especially value experimentation in our small-group breakouts as acts of discovery in teaching and learning.  And we value thoughtful, intelligent sharing in question-and-answer sessions with very active audience participation.  We are a conference for questioning, exploration, discussion, and pedagogy. 

MnCUEW also sponsors a listserv email service.  It initially served about six hundred Minnesota faculty, offering occasional announcements about the conference.  More recently, it has become a monthly email newsletter sent to over 2000 faculty in English, writing, and related disciplines in Minnesota, Wisconsin, northern Iowa, and eastern North and South Dakota.  Listserv members also create a network that further distributes the email newsletter, and they share information with the editor for publication.

To join the listserv or the committee, or to see more about specific past conferences and keynoters, please click on one of the links in the right-hand column.  MnCUEW/MnWE is an entirely nonprofit group run by faculty who serve as volunteers with no paid staff.                                

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The yearly MnCUEW conference is made possible through registration fees and the generosity of several colleges and universities.  The conference and newsletter also receive support services from the Office of Faculty Development, the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system. 




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