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            This page consists of a large number of links developed over several years of teaching literature courses in online and face-to-face classes.  Though there has been no rigidly scientific process of hunting or selection, still, the following links likely will lead a reader or researcher eventually to most major Web links of or about literature.


ANCIENT LITERATURE, Classical to Mid-Renaissance (1-13-05) 

- Ancient Literature:

- Aristophanes, Lysistrata: or (newer);

- Boccaccio, The Decameron: 

- Chaucer, Canterbury Tales: 

- Classics:

- Homer: (Homeric singing)

- King Arthur: Historical person,  
History of legend,  
History of Malory book and Caxton edition, 
Le Morte Darthur
—Sir Thomas Malory’s full-text, 1470 A.D. story—in nine “books,”  
Illustrated, larger-text version of same book,   
Synopsis of T.H. White’s The Once and Future King,  
Synopsis and preview of John Steinbeck’s The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights,

- Machiavelli: (The Prince--full text), (philosophy of), (other online resources).

- Mallory, Sir Thomas: See "King Arthur."

- Medieval Illuminated (illustrated, hand-painted) Manuscripts: (12th c. Aberdeen Bestiary), (14th c.),
 (Hill Monastic Library, St. John's College, Collegeville, Minnesota),
 (Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry),
 (Irish Book of Kells) 

- Montaigne, Essays: 

- Sophocles: Antigone, Rex readable & printable contemporary trans. at (notes on Antigone)

- Virgil, The Aeneid: 

AUTHORS BY NAME, Late Renaissance-Contemporary  (1-13-05)

- Angelou, Maya: 
- Carroll, Lewis, an unpublished personal scrapbook with photos and illustrations:
- Franklin, Ben, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin:   
- Marquez, Gabriel Garcia:  
- Morrison, Toni:
- Poe, Edgar Allan:  
- Shakespeare: see below (click here to go directly down)
Steinbeck, John. See "King Arthur."
Twain, Mark:   
- Vonnegut, Kurt:  
- White, T.H. See "King Arthur."



- InfoTrac ELM:!specstart_5?sw_aep=mnkinver 120,000 authors searchable by name, subject, or title.

- Authors on Tour:  African-American authors on tour, biographies, reader reviews, author Web pages, bookstores.

- Bedford St. Martin: "LitLinks." Over 600 authors and supplementary links.

- American Authors: (info on American literature authors often taught at University of Minnesota)

- Book Spot: (miscellany)

- British Novelists Collection on Tape: (BBC Interviews of 41 authors, 1930s-present, 7 min.-59 min.)

- Famous Poets and Poems:  

- Poetry, General:

- (miscellany)    

- (30 literary authors)

- RealLiterature:  Authors' biographies and literary works.

- University of Minnesota: (scroll down to "Projects & Conferences": the first four projects have links to authors)


- Caldecott Medal:
- National Book Awards:
- Newbery Medal:
- Nobel Prizes:
- Pulitzer:


- Eleven essays:


- "Global Gateway--World Culture & Resources"

- Bedford St. Martin's: "LitLinks."  Over 600 authors and supplementary links

- Online Books Library: Over 20,000 full books online
- Bedford St. Martin's: quizzes about 500 literary works  
- Type, using quotation marks at both ends, "Links to Literature."

- Great road trips in literature
- misc.
- misc. aimed at secondary students but useful to others     

- Google Literary Trips (requires software download)

- Study Guides: and  Useful additions to reading your literature.


- Bedford St. Martin's literary glossary of over 200 terms 
-  Short dictionary of terms
-  Elizabethan language


- Harry's Blues Lyrics Online
- the Mudcat Café--blues and traditional folk        
- top hits of 1932-19??        
- 500 hits from Reagan era, ultimate 80s songs         
- Baby Boomer Headquarters Music Room Lyrics


- American Literature (Library of Congress):
- American Literature (links to):
- American Literature (poetry, some novels):
- Ancient Literature:
British Literature, 18th century:   (go to bottom of page)
- Elizabethan England, life in:  
- Grimm brothers (12 tales):
- Misc. (Electronic Text Center, Univ. of Virginia):
- Misc. "e-texts": 
- Misc. (Internet Public Library): (9500 online texts, 2300 magazines and journals, links to newspapers around the world).
- Misc. "Literature and Composition Resources" on the Web:
- Misc. literature, reference, research, & religious:
- Misc. literature, reviews, et al.:  
- Misc. literature sites (from MCTE News):
- Misc.:
- Misc. (novels--analysis and full-text classics):   
- Misc. (public domain classics): and (both URLs lead to the same server)
- Misc., Univ. of Minn. English Dept.: scroll down to "Projects &  Conferences."  The first 4 projects have links to literary works--or links to links.
- Misc. (Rutgers—organized by geography and time period): 
- Misc. list of literature sites: 
- Poetry, American (MLA-recommended; large site):
- Poetry: Famous Poets and Poems,  
- Poetry:
"World’s premier online recordings of poets reading their work” -
- Poetry: "Best Poems" -
- Shakespeare (annotated guide to online resources and literary criticism):
- Shakespeare (complete works, glossary, search by word or work):
- Shakespeare (essays about life and times; synopsis of every play, scene by scene):
- Search engine, educational (linking teachers to materials): 
- Search engine, literary (run by noted online literature mag.):
- Sophocles, Antigone:  Notes on Antigone:  
- Speeches, PBS, from past 80 years:  


-  New York Review of Books ("ultimate guide")        
-  American Library Association's online Booklist magazine         
- Boston Book Review
- The New York Times Book Review        
-  "A great mainstream review site."
- Hungry Mind Review
- for mystery fans; divided into categories
- The Romance Reader: companion site to
- Atlantic Monthly
- Boston Globe Book Reviews
- Boston Book Review
- Los Angeles Times Book Reviews
- London Review of Books
- Washington Post Book World


- Literary terms: CyberEnglish  
- Miscellaneous:

Miscellaneous:"Global Gateway--World Culture & Resources"
- Miscellaneous:  
- Studying Literature (Mt. Mary College): 
- Writing about Literature (general):, Purdue, The Sundance Reader  
- Writing a literary analysis:  
- Writing a literary thesis:  
- Writing a literary thesis statement:, Colorado State   
- Writing poetry:  
- Writing a review of literature:, Wisconsin     

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