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What: The Annual Research Conference ("ARC") at Inver Hills College is a two-day event each spring for students, faculty, and staff to present their scholarly and creative research.  In spring 2014, the conference theme is Explore, Share, Inspire: The Inver Hills Conference for Scholarship and Creativity. Most of the conference will be held in the Fine Arts building at Inver Hills College.  

How: The conference is coordinated by the campus Research across Disciplines (RAD) Committee and by faculty member Richard Jewell.  If you are a student, we invite you to make a proposal--and to attend the conference whether or not you make a proposal.  All are welcome--students, faculty, staff, current or former, as well as students and faculty from the surrounding communities, whether in high schools, other colleges, or graduate schools. In particular, we'd like as many Inver Hills students as possible to propose and to attend!

When & Where: This year's conference is Wednesday, April 23-Thursday, April 24, 2014.  It is being held at the same time as the Fine Arts Festival and primarily in the same building or near it--the Fine Arts or "FA" building. The Fine Arts Festival will be downstairs; the Annual Research Conference is upstairs.

In addition, the annual Inver Hills Spring Open House will be held 4-7 pm on one of the same two days: Thursday, April 24. It will be held as an open house in the College Center ("CC") building.

Proposals: Students, faculty, staff, and outside guests to the College may make proposals. Click on Proposals above or to the left.

Schedule: What happens each hour ? Click on Schedule above or left.

Presentations: Usually two-four presenters present their research--academic or creative--during a one-hour presentation period in a classroom. For guidelines for a presenter to follow, click on 'Presenter Guidelines" above or  left.

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Basics about "ARC"

"ARC"--the "Annual Research Conference"--is held every spring at Inver Hills College. Students, faculty, and staff present their research activities. They can read a paper, lead a discussion, present a poster, or describe a creative process.
The conference is held for two days and is organized like many scholarly conferences. It has hourly breakout sessions with volunteer presenters, keynotes and special events, and coffee and food.
The conference's purpose is to encourage student research and help students learn what a professional conference is like. It also provides student presenters with significant entries for their resumes and helps prepare them for their professional lives.

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