July 19, 2000

Advogato Entry 2

e2fsck: Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted
in short read while trying to open /dev/hdb1
Could this be a zero-length partition?


I had a particularly nasty crash this morning. For some reason, my hard drives can't handle extended writes, such as what you'd get from ripping the audio off a CD. I've even reformatted the damn things and they still do this (I had thought it was a slightly corrupted fs, but now I'm thinking it must be slightly broken hardware.. grr..)

On days like this when things aren't going my way, I just end up feeling so tired and alone. It doesn't help that my job seems to not allow any human interaction. I should have got a job with my roommate belaying for rock climbers at the local gym. He got a girlfriend right away.. *grumble* I'm way too old to have been single for so long. Oh well, complaining will probably only make things worse.

I looked at some of the LFP variable-width fonts yesterday. They weren't very variable in the widths, and a lot of them were too small for my display. Perhaps more people need to try out Gote and make some decent scalable fonts..

I decided to pass a `-gamma' flag to XFree 4.0.1, and I think it helps. But somehow, Slashdot's colors managed to get even uglier. Also, I see that many websites are designed for non-gamma-corrected displays. *sigh*

Ralph Nader was here in MN again over the weekend. He drew a big crowd for a rally on campus -- 1500 people in one lecture hall. I'm gonna vote for him this fall unless there's a drastic change in the other candidates. I tried to search for some more news about it on the websites of the nearby newspapers, but their search engines are so braindead that they give you the same link 10 times. Maybe I need to make my own search engine for this stuff..

Rode my bike into work today, as I'm sick and tired of waiting for the bus. That and the fact that it was actually cool enough outside to ride without dumping a gallon of sweat. The foliage around here is beautiful this summer -- we've had too much rain, so everything is a very deep green.


Finally figured out how to print from Linux to Novell. It was actually pretty easy, so this will save me the trouble of managing IP addresses for 50 printers..

I just tried out Evolution 0.2 (you can get it through helix-update, you know..) and I really like it! Not as light on the memory as I was hoping, but not as bad as I was fearing. It seems pretty fast (my box is a P166, though I have 128MB of RAM). Of course, the Lotus Notes POP3 server just decided to stop accepting my password..

Yesterday, I was thinking a lot about the reasons I started using Linux. It wasn't because Windows (3.1) was bad, it was because DOS sucked and because OS/2 Warp 4 decided to ignore my SB16 (literally -- Creative wouldn't be caught dead writing new drivers). Of course, what I had really wanted to do was 32-bit graphics development (try finding a free 32-bit DOS assembler), but that never really happened.

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July 30, 2000

Advogato Entry 12

Hey, djcb, fix your last entry -- you're missing a double-quote mark..


Went to the Twin Cities ``Rockin' Ribfest'' today and got a half rack of Roscoe's ribs, some fresh lemonade, and a Dove bar. All for $20.. Eesh. Yet another one of those *fests that that requires you to buy using tickets rather than paying in cash. But it was good.

I rode my bike there and back. There's a fairly nice half gravel/half asphalt road going along a railroad right-of-way. The road basically goes under all of the traffic, which is a much more pleasant way of getting places, IMHO. However, the road is suffering from potholes and washboarding. My arms were getting thoroughly tenderized for a while.

It would be really nice if the University would put a real bike path down there and connect it to the new bike/pedestrian bridge they just installed. One of these days.

I haven't gotten around to working on my bus schedule thing much today, though maybe I'll do something after Futurama and The Simpsons. However, I was pleased that I actually got Evolution to compile and run. Now I've got to try my luck at Nautilus..

One of the things that I worry about with Advogato is that the diary area could be prone to DoS-ing of various kinds. Individuals could presumably plaster diary entries all over the place, or post pages and pages of junk at a time. I imagine there are some checks for this already, but there's almost always a way around it.

Oh, I have a few mail-related problems. One is that I just started using procmail to filter my mail. Locally, I run an IMAP server so it's easier to view mail with disparate clients. Also, I think my mail actually gets loaded faster, as Netscape is not the most efficient at reading/parsing mailbox files. Anyway, I still have to find a way to get procmail to notify the IMAP server that it just dumped mail into a certain folder. Then, the IMAP server must be able to notify my client that there is new mail. This isn't happening automagically, and I'm not sure how to get it to work correctly. I suppose I may have to start using a different IMAP server or something.

In other news, I need to find a good way to consolidate mail at my workplace. Well, my mail doesn't matter, since I'm an admin and can basically do anything I want. However, the head of my department basically wants all mail to go through Lotus Notes (Domino?). I believe it is my task to now find a good way to get Notes to interoperate with my system and the Linux/Unix desktops of others in the organization. I imagine that the server can just run POP or (preferably) IMAP through stunnel. Then, any decent client can read the mail. However, calendaring still remains a bit of an issue, though Lotus is (or at least was) a supporter of the iCalendar protocol, which Evolution is going to support. My only question is, does Lotus actually support iCalendar or not?

March 02, 2005

Bweep Bwoop

I think I saw this somewhere else a while back, but it's nice to be reminded. There will be a new bike trail through Dinkytown next to the University of Minnesota. It has been a rail right-of-way forever, so it wasn't really legal to go down there before, but I rode my bike that way to St. Anthony Main a few times. I'm not sure if they'll connect it with the roadway there, but it would be nice. Of course, this might make getting there worse, as they might put up a fence or something to prevent that.

Aaa! This Beck song rocks! Except that you have to get the Hell Yes EP to get it. I personally dislike EPs with a vengeance, but maybe I'll learn to like them. ("Bad Cartridge" is a remix of "E-Pro" from Beck's forthcoming album that was remixed by Paza and released on vinyl and at the iTunes Music Store—it might not even be available on CD for all I know, though maybe it'll be a hidden track or something).

Thorn at KCMP just asked if anyone knows where the game sounds come from. I agree with him that it basically sounds like Mario Bros., but I'm not a gamer.

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April 04, 2005


The grass continues to slowly turn green, which is good. I'm still exercising, but I don't think I'm expending enough energy to lose any weight. Well, I've probably gained a few pounds. About a week ago, I was 187, today 190. Yesterday I was 192, but I'd just eaten at Chipotle, and I think I was still wearing jeans. Ugh, I wish I knew how to cook something good and didn't mind taking the time to do it. Well, I suppose I could con myself into thinking that I've gained muscle mass, but I doubt that quite a bit. I've always varied a fair bit, though. One of these days, I'll get into logging such stuff and then make weekly averages or something.

On Saturday I went to Uptown to visit Cheapo. I ended up getting Ladies and Gentlemen, The Suburbs Have Left the Building by The Suburbs, but there's only a few tracks that 89.3 isn't playing ;-) That's the problem with album-oriented stations—sometimes you've already heard everything. Hopefully they're trying to restrain themselves on a lot of the music they play, though, so that people aren't disappointed when they get the CDs.

Anyway, I also chatted with Matt a bit, and went for a walk around Lake Calhoun. I should really run or bike or rollerblade. Unfortunately, running is just kinda painful, and I seem to not have the balance for rollerblading. I suppose that leaves my bike, which I haven't touched for two years. It's probably not in great shape, but I should at least dig up a pump so I can fill the tires and check it out.

Well, I'm going to wander to the downtown Target to get some batteries. Maybe I'll find a cheap pump too.

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April 05, 2005

Happy Hacking

Heh. I hope that was an engineer I heard say "buh buh buh hey hey hey" at around 3:35 today while listening to 89.3. Otherwise, someone is playing with the studio-to-transmitter link. Oh, and now I just heard someone complain about their headphones. Woo. Hmm, maybe they had some wires crossed between studios. That seems like the most likely problem. The station just has weird engineering issues though. It's the WJM of Twin Cities radio ;-)

I was reminded how friggin' heavy my bike is today. It's gotta weigh about twice what an average bicycle does. Oh well, it still works at least.

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