May 02, 2003

I'll Have a Coke

Woke up with a strange feeling today, like something bad is going to happen. Maybe something good is going to happen. More likely, nothing is going to happen.

Dan, Kari, Adam, and I went to buy Friday tickets for X2 last night, then stopped in Borders for a while, and finally spent 45 minutes or so at Applebee's doing Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary Edition trivia. I think I got the most questions right ;-)

I was kind of surprised to know so many answers. I guess I'm much better at the 20th Anniversary version than the other versions, though I'm not quite the right age to be really good. I think some of Erin's older friends can totally beat my ass at it ;-)

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May 23, 2003

The Page Contained No Data

Someone mentioned smstools to me, after I mentioned on the gsmlib mailing list that it doesn't support my phone. Unfortunately, it looks like smstools is very much focused on sending/receiving SMS messages, while I'm more interested in downloading/syncing the phonebook and other data stored on my phone.

I got Adam to befriend my LiveJounal syndication. This should mean that anyone can now access it, as the “cost” of using it has gone down. The problem is that it's currently only updating every 24 hours, but hopefully it won't keep doing that..

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May 24, 2003

I'm Special

I was getting annoyed this afternoon. I was trying to take a nap, since my upstairs neighbors were being quiet for once. I got called by both of my parents independently, plus my laptop was annoying the crap out of me by trying to compile stuff all day long. The hard drive makes very loud clicking noises when the head moves back and forth, so it can be really distracting.

I'd IMed Dan, but he was being unresponsive (I have a knack for messaging people just before they step away from the keyboard), so I went to take a shower. I'd been working up the guts to yell at people for not talking to me when I noticed Adam had left me a voicemail about going to Ground Zero tonight. I called him up and he even said my name's on the list to get in for free.


I guess I've been on the list before, but I didn't know it. That's kind of neat. I never figured myself for someone to be on a list. I suppose this one's nothing special, but still...

Anyway, now I'm doing some laundry so I'll have some clean clothes when I go. Not that it will matter after I dance for 30 seconds, but I like to at least make an effort..

While I wait for that, I think I'm going to go buy some carbonated beverages. I think I'll try and find some of that Mountain Dew Live Wire stuff. Is that the name? I forget. Whatever it is, it's orange.

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May 25, 2003

Sleep? What's That?

Ugh, ended up sleeping a lot later than I expected. I was tossing and turning all night, though. My brain was too active, I guess. On the upside, that must mean I actually had some fun last night. Also, I finally feel awake for once—I think I've been pretty sleep-deprived lately.

I joined Adam, Kari, Becky, and Spike in their activities by going to Ground Zero and watching some Sex and the City. We also had some pizza, which was good, but it felt like it took forever to get delivered.

I wasn't quite feeling like myself at Ground Zero for some reason. I think I had a headache—I just couldn't move in the ways I wanted to. Maybe I used up my monthly dancing quota last weekend ;-)

I probably just need more exercise.

Anyway, it's fun to go there and get at least one or two girls to smile at me—that really makes my day. But, I have to admit, it's probably all due to the shirt.

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May 27, 2003

Baby Back Ribs

When I went home last week, I was kind of hoping to meet up with a female friend of mine from high school and way back, but it didn't quite work out. But, it turns out she was out in Seattle—at the same place Adam went—watching her sister graduate.

Ugh, my back's been bothering me lately. Unfortunately, I haven't been exercising, so it's probably all my fault. So, either I need to exercise, or get a girlfriend who will rub my back. Or both. Both would be good.

I think my back got a lot worse when I went home, though. The bed in my room there is a bit old and is not nearly as firm as I need. Aaagh!

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June 27, 2003

Fall Down Go Boom

So, two or three days ago when I was out attempting to rollerblade, the thought occurred to me that lots of sports and outdoor activities were invented by people who like to scare the shit out of themselves.

I am not one of these people.

Anyway, I suppose I'm just working to justify the length of time it's taking me to learn how to move around on them. Adam said that he got to be moderately good within a day, after going out with friends for about eight hours straight. Of course, he has the scar on his rear end to prove it.

So, since I'm still moving pretty slowly even after a few days, I'm feeling a bit wimpy. I suppose my time has been more spread out, though, and still only adds up to eight hours or so. Well, there are lots of reasons why one person might learn more quickly than another.

Other than biking, I've never really done anything that requires much balance. I did do some cross-country skiing, but I never got the hang of it. I basically just used them to walk, but sliding through the snow was not something I was comfortable doing. My mom once broke a bone while downhill skiing, so she never encouraged me to do that. My parents once tried to get me to ice skate as a kid, but I think I spent more time falling than skating (and I seem to recall that the skates were really tight). I imagine that anyone who learned how to properly do any one of those things probably has a leg up on learning to rollerblade.

I'm learning this on my own, mostly because there are probably only one or two people I know who I'd be comfortable having as teachers. I don't want to be coerced by “C'mon, the hill isn't that steep” ;-)

So, I guess I didn't learn to rollerblade in a day. But, I am getting better each time I go out, and that's what matters to me.

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January 01, 2004

My Head in a Jar

So, I went to a great New Year's party—and I didn't even have to go through metal detectors or pass armed guards. Yes, indeed, my New Year's Eve was Dick Clark-free. In fact, having the only appropriate synchronized timekeeping device in the house, I had the duty of marking the countdown (it was cheap—you should get one).

I was surprised to see four DJs, as I had been told there would be only two or three. Then again, perhaps the miscalculation is due to considering Simmons a “friend” rather than a “DJ.” Anyway, they all did good work. Of course, it was also good to see Thosquanta in action, finally. I think most of the songs in the set last night could be apprecated by a not insignificant portion of the general public. So, I knew them before they were stars, sorta.

There was some food there (wouldn't have been a party without it). Some of your average snackages like cheese, crackers, and mixed nuts, but there was other stuff like Dan's peanut brittle and (Ooh! Ahh!) Ultimate brittle. Which nobody ate, of course. I would be remiss if I didn't mention Beth's artichoke dip, which was…artichokey.

I was trying to be at least moderately sociable, but it didn't quite happen. I especially thought it would be good to chat with Beth a bit, since I only run into her once every few months. Unfortunately, our attempts at conversation went downhill quickly. It has seemed in the past like we've got some weird yin-yang thing going on, but it's more likely that we don't have anything in common whatsoever ;-)

It felt in some ways like I was Mr. Faux Pas for the evening, saying and occasionally doing the wrong things. I accidentally sipped my champagne before midnight—I suppose that means a year of bad luck or something. Oh well, I balanced it all out by enjoying the music and dancing about as much as I could.

Unfortunately, my overactive sweat glands required me to cool off outside a few times. It was really disturbing to see steam rising from my shirt. That shouldn't happen! I'm not a cup of coffee!

Anyway, I guess I was surprised that we never really got many people dancing at once until the end of the evening. I thought that if I did it, more people would get going. Accounting for the fact that I wasn't drinking, I thought a bit about Cuervo Man, though lacking an imposing presence or voice myself, I have to leave the more boisterous activity to the professionals.

The drive home wasn't too bad, as I only had to dodge two police cars who had pulled people over. I dropped off one passenger, though I realize I accidentally didn't see “no turn on red” signs at least twice. I hate those things, though they do seem prudent every once in a while.

Waking up was a very elongated process today, and I did have a slight headache due to lack of sleep and blood vessels that were still constricted by caffiene. The sound of the hard drive on one of my computers clicking for several hours didn't help matters either.

Okay, that sounded a bit down, but I really did have a good time. Now I have to figure out something to do with Erik today or tomorrow before he has work and classes start up again.

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March 06, 2004

Adam Ant

Over the last few days, I've noticed some ants appearing in my apartment, so I went out and got some ant baits at Target. I dropped one right by my front door, since it appeared that a significant number were coming in from the hallway. Boy, was I wrong. They're coming in the entry, definitely, but there must be a hole in the wall behind the baseboard there. A whole column of ants has been heading to the bait trap. It's kind of funny, though, since the sight reminds me of columns of peasants heading to the gold mine in Warcraft ;-)

I take solace in the fact that the little buggers will be dead soon.

Adam's shindig is tonight. I plan to be there.

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March 07, 2004

A Bright Future in Dark Music

Went to Adam's birthday and heard the band play again. And then heard the band play again. One of Spike's friends didn't get there until really late, hence the repeat. I managed to do okay in some of the crash games in Burnout 2 in the meantime, though.

In other news, it appears that Marcy Playground is actually named for the park across the street from my apartment (the playground at Marcy Open School/Holmes Park, rather than the playground at Marcy Park). Theoretically, the school was the “formative location” for one of the main guys in the band.

Blah blah blah. I stayed up too late.

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March 08, 2004

An Ode to Maybe

Wow. LiveJournal timing out/closing connections/not working reminds me of the good ol' BBS days when I had to set up my computer to redial continuously. Sometimes I feel like I need a wardialer for web pages (like this most trusted non-friends thing that I've been trying to access for about a week). Other times I feel like I should just get off my ass and fix some code somewhere.

But I never do. *sigh*

I went around and changed the layout of my LiveJournal page and even made a new icon (though it was from an image I already had). I figured using the Tom Hanks icon all the time was somewhat disingenuous, though I suppose this one isn't significantly more genuine… I might change my homepage as well. I guess I did make a few tweaks, but there is a whole lot more I could do if I had the motivation.

I finally got around to IMing with Sarah a bit. I got out of the habit of talking to her for various reasons, though I suppose I never really talk to anybody. It was just noteworthy because I basically woke up one day this weekend thinking, “I should IM Sarah,” but wimped out because she was actually online at the time I crawled over to my computer. I wanted to talk, but had nothing to talk about, like normal.

Anyway, like I said, I finally got around to it. I mentioned a comment Adam made over the weekend at his party about her helpfulness to him on a song mix. She seemed down, and I knew it would make her feel better. Well, once I actually structured my comment in a way she could understand. It seems my IMing skillz leave something to be desired.

So, she might stay at the U. She might go to Brown or some other place. She might completely change directions and go to Aveda or something. I can't really give any advice on that last point :-D

Ugh. I need to try to get to sleep relatively early tonight, since the weekend messed up my schedule a bit. Staying up to 3AM cleaning up the muck left by Jedis fighting probe droids can only be done so often. (Er, I mean, you can only play Burnout 2 for so long…)

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March 18, 2004


Ugh. We had a power outage in my apartment building. It appears that only a few blocks were affected (maybe only ours), but maybe we were on the edge of something. Anyway, two of my three computers (er, three out of my four, if you count the laptop, but it's unaffected by piddly hour-long periods without current) are functioning now. One of them has experienced some hard disk corruption, it appears. Now, the challenge of finding a Linux recovery disk or CD that can handle the 200GB hard drive and the ATA133 controller.


The moment of community togetherness involved in the outage was my joining Adam and Kari on a trip to a bookstore. Well, it was a place I'd never been before, which was something I needed anyway.

I almost picked up a book named Tube about the history of television, but it was a $30 hardcover and I figured my money could be better spent on other things at the moment.

I want money.

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March 31, 2004

No Socks, Though

Well, it had to happen. A year after I move in here, I finally opened the drawer to an end table thingy that I sort of inherited when my roommates and I were kicked out of our old place. I found a copy of Memento (probably Adam & Kari's) and a few sleeves for holding beer bottles or cans (those would be Erin's). I'll return the items to their respective owners soon, but right now I've got to make sure I'm ready for my interviews today.

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June 01, 2004

Bring Out Your Dead

The radar makes it look like the rain is going to come and go all day, though it looks like it won't rain too hard. There's a circling mass of stuff here. Maybe it'll go away later after the Sun has been heating the tops of the clouds for a while.

I have to help my brother move in today. We'll see how that goes.

I hung out with Adam, Matt, and everyone else who showed up until I left a little after 10:00. I guess it was good I left, since I had forgotten to fill out my rent check. I figured I'd just fill it out after the BBQ in the park, but we ended up going back to Matt's for the rest of the day.

Learned a tiny bit about how Matt's DJing setup works. I might like to try doing that sort of thing as a hobby, but I doubt I'd ever be good enough to get someone to pay me for it or anything.

Mostly, I think I discovered that my conversational skills are probably worse than usual these days. I need to talk to people more often. I should try going to a meetup or two, if I can find good topics.

Hmm. Also, “The Champagne of Beers” doesn't do anything for me. I will now join the legions of people who snicker at those who drink Miller High Life.

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September 04, 2004

Congressional Medal of Idiot

On Wednesday, I went to the fair with my brother in the afternoon. I suppose neither of us are really party animals, so I guess it wasn't the most exciting thing ever. Had some decent food, though I was surprised that the chicken pita I ordered was cold, with a filling kind of along the lines of potato salad. Whatever.

We discovered that if you take the regular city bus to/from the fair, you get the shaft. It's much better to just drive to the U of M lot and take the shuttle from there. We had to wait ~15 minutes each way, and end up paying $3 in total for tickets ($1.25 there, $1.75 back because of rush hour—though we got $2 off on fair admission), but the shuttle was leaving at a rate of about once every 90 seconds. Other than that, the bus worked out pretty well, since he lives just off Como Ave.

So, I guess I'd propose that Metro Transit make the regular buses that go past the fair free too. Like that'll ever happen.

I don't remember Thursday at all, but, oh yeah, that's because I brought some work home. I shouldn't do that.

On Friday, I figured the most exciting thing I'd do would be to add some oil to my car. It's been low for a while, and the engine seems to have been running rough. It seemed a little happier with fresh oil added, but I should really get an oil change soon anyway. I should have just found a Jiffy Lube. I guess I want to wait until I get paid for the last two weeks.

My boss put in my time on Thursday. Fortunately, he changed the amount of time I had in the system up to 80 hours, but some of the other guys who don't have such consistent time sheets kind of got shafted for a day's work. I was thinking that I might get paid early, but with Labor Day on Monday, the money will probably still get transferred on Tuesday. I like that I get weekends off, but why can't other people work then? ;-)

Anyway, so after planning to do nothing other than possibly eat on Friday night, Adam called me and said he was moving out. So, I helped him move stuff over to Adam Nu's place, and then almost accidentally stole his laptop (or at least a black laptop-sized briefcase—I presume that was his laptop). It was in its black case, in the back of my car, in the dark, so it was kind of hard to see.

Kari is theoretically moving in with Erin once they find a place, so it's almost a wife-swapping type of deal. Er, or maybe nothing like that at all ;-)

Aha! I just found the little thing to tweak on my browser to get my fonts displaying correctly in Galeon again. For some reason, the mimimum font size was set to 4, but then there were two other settings that had been stuck at 14. That explains why I could never see any difference when people used <small></small> tags. Anyway, I just went to about:config (which works in any Mozilla/Gecko-based browser, I guess) and tweaked the setting. Conveniently, those two things were in bold, though I don't know why that would be…

Hmm. This might also let me finally fix the fact that pretty much all font sets except for Korean show up correctly (er, I think) in my browser. I just end up with these little rectangles with the Unicode character number in them instead of actual characters.

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March 27, 2005


A week or so back, I did one of those silly "you are plant type x" things where you find out what character you would be in Star Trek. Mine came up as Jean-Luc Picard.

Maybe. If so, I'm the blue-shirted Ensign Picard, not the red-shirted Captain. I wish I had opened my mouth when I was 17. Heh, no artificial heart required for me, but it has been broken ever since, I suppose. Yeah, if I had a time machine, I'd go back to junior year of high school. There were so many opportunities that year, but they just slipped by because of fear and shyness. I wish that I had at least been able to get shot down gracefully face-to-face rather than the way things actually happened.

Well, I suppose other opportunities with other people come along once in a while. I may get my red shirt after all. Still, I'm scared as hell whenever it happens, and it only comes around like once a year at best. I know I need to get out more, though.

In that vein, I'd been anticipating Adam's party. My brain showed how far behind it was lagging last night. I assumed some things because I had forgotten that things had changed. Well, I'm so far out of the loop it's not surprising. I hung out with Matt for much of the evening, but mostly floated around. I did (re-)meet a few people at least, but I expected to see many more familiar faces. This is noone's fault except my own, since I had overblown my expectations as usual.

Matt and I were disappointed with the boy/girl ratio (especially the boy/unattached-girl ratio). He has similar bad luck, I guess. Well, I suppose it's not really my crowd anyway, so I shouldn't worry.

Heh, at least the music was good aside from soundcheck issues. Someone must have banged the panel as they were moving around or something. Whatever. It's about as much fun as I usually have. Blech, sorry, that sounds really mean—it's just my usual bad luck also came along for the ride. Seriously, though, Happy Birthday(s) to Adam and Jen ;-)

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