August 04, 2007

Doughty Circles

After the connector bridge collapsed in San Francisco, Google Maps, Mapquest, and Yahoo! were praised for updating their directions quickly. Of course, they're mostly based in Silicon Valley not far away, so they had an incentive. I had a strong feeling back then that they wouldn't do as well if a major freeway link got cut somewhere else in the country. They haven't noted the missing chunk of I-35W yet. Of course, it's somewhat complicated because there are temporary closures of some nearby roads that the computer might want to pick, but for something that got international headlines at the level it did, you'd think they would have at least tweaked things a little.

Well, Yahoo! and Mapquest have updated their systems. I'm not sure when that happened. Google and Microsoft have not. I'm mostly complaining because I've only checked Google Maps up until now...

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