Sunday, February 5, 2006

Take the Skinheads Bowling

Week of the Super Bowl, 1967-2006

The Super Bowl has slowly been drifting later and later in the year. The blue line above graphs which Sunday of the year the game is played on. The purple line graphs the week of the year it is played on. The first Super Bowl to be played in February was XXXVI (36) on February 3, 2002. So far, the latest it has occurred is Feburary 6, which happened in 2005 with Bowl XXXIX (39).

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Monday, February 6, 2006

Blessing Golf Clubs

As I hear about the protests because of cartoons portraying Muhammad, I can't help but think of the film Dogma and, particularly, the Buddy Jesus:

I've seen the cartoons, and they didn't seem particularly good to me. I can see why folks would get mad, but it's gotten waaaaayyy out of control.

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Saturday, February 11, 2006


So, while picking up lunch at Jersey Mike's with a few coworkers, CNN International was on in one corner, and they were talking about the Torino games. My brain finally decided to connected that synapse with the other regarding the city of Turin. Wait, they're the same place! Sheesh. So, why "Torino"? I figured, "It must be the local pronounciation of the city name, right?" Well, sort of.

"Torino" is the name of the city in Italian. The city is the capital of the Piedmont region. Here's where it gets messy: There is a local language/dialect known as Piedmontese. The Piedmontese name of the city is "Turin".

I'm halfway betting that the reason we're calling these Winter Olympics by the name "Torino" is simply because a graphic designer at NBC figured that the name with two round 'O's looked better than one with a 'U' in it...

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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Well, my company has moved from Roseville to St. Paul, and we're now situated in the triangle of land between MN-280, Energy Park Drive, and the University of Minnesota's transitway. Our first official day at the new site was on Monday, though the tech support group moved over the weekend.

I'm not completely enamored with the place, but I do think it is a significant step up. I generally like the color scheme—it's been described as "autumn," with green, yellow, orange, and other colors mixed together. Not so much brown, but that could be considered a good thing. I like our upstairs space a lot, since I can look out the windows and see downtown Minneapolis, the Witch's Hat water tower, KSTP's tower, plus the transitway and 280. We're also right between two heavily used rail lines, and it's just pretty cool to see some massive BNSF engines going by (heh, with the orangish paint scheme, they even match our building ;-)

Everyone is still figuring out the standard patterns of parking. I ended up pretty close to the middle, so I suppose it doesn't matter very much where I go. In theory the west side is the best option for me, but parking has been problematic there so far.

I like the lighting, which seems to be considerably more natural than what we had in the old building. I wandered around downtown St. Paul earlier this evening, and noticed that several buildings used the same light mounting scheme, where the lights are hung half a foot or so below the ceiling, with reflectors causing light to be diffused off the ceiling tiles. It definitely seems to make the light be distributed better, which I like. My whole work area is brighter, though it's also due to the fact that the sun comes in our windows pretty well.

There are some thermostat issues, so I'm not sure if the blinds will be open very much later on, so I might not get the view so much later. We'll have to see. I was lucky to catch a nice sunset this evening, though.

Anyway, after work, I ran to Target to get paper towels, kleenex, and toilet paper.. Somehow, I've pretty much run out of all three around the same time.

I got home and, after paying a stack of bills, was preparing to relax when I remembered that Dan, Erin, and friends were going to have their initial show as Milkbar at Station 4 in St. Paul. They produced a fairly industrial sound, which is not terribly surprising considering the folks that we've all intermingled with. It was a good first show. A few things hung in my mind, but I'll mull them over through the next few times I see them, and see how things progress. At any rate, they were probably much more acceptible to most folks than the group that came on next (oy, with the screaming and the yelling...).

Like I said earlier, I wandered around downtown St. Paul after that. I was primarily interested in looking at the construction progress on the Minnesota Public Radio studios. They have a big news ticker on the outside of the building. I'd heard a week or so ago that the folks at 89.3 vacated the broadcasting booth that they since the beginning of last year (which was taken over from the classical service). Anyway, it now looks like the addition to the MPR headquarters is done, so they're now gutting the old part of the building.

Well, the new part looks pretty nice, at any rate. Plenty of open space.

I liked wandering around downtown St. Paul. Somehow I think I like that area much more than downtown Minneapolis. I figure that I just don't like most of the new buildings that have been put up in Minneapolis since the big urban renewal project of the 1950s/1960s. St. Paul didn't mow down 40% of the downtown, so there are more relatively old buildings to add character. (Of course, much of what went down in Minneapolis was justifiably removed, but there was a lot that probably should have been kept). Other than that, the streets are narrower, and I imagine that contributes to the feel of the place.

Since a lot of folks at work are getting used to the new neighborhood, and trying to get some bearings (even though it's only 4 or 5 miles away from the old place), I've been thinking about how to get from point A to point B around there. After my St. Paul outing, I decided to try a route I'd pondered for getting between the airport and work. Not that I'll necessarily ever have to take the route, but it seemed like something good to figure out.

Anyway, in my mind, places near 280 are poorly situated for getting to the airport. You generally either have to loop around to the west or to the east. Probably the fastest route involves I-94 to Snelling, then taking the semi-secret Ayd Mill Road bypass to reach I-35E, then taking MN-5 to the airport. However, I practically get heartburn just thinking about the left turn from Snelling onto Selby Ave, just before sneaking onto Ayd Mill. Well, I suppose the three-rights-make-a-left rule might apply there..

So, I figured that one much less stressful solution would be to take Pelham Boulevard to Mississippi River Blvd, and that down to MN-5. I roughly timed it, and it ended up being just about 20 minutes, maybe a shade longer. I'll have to do an actual run at some point, but I think the I-94/Ayd Mill/I-35E/MN-5 route would only shave a few minutes off that time.

Ugh, it's late. Time for sleep.

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