Wednesday, November 9, 2005

I Love My Happy Hippopotamus

I should write something again, so here goes. I'm probably going to try to keep it short, though.

I had a simple costume for Halloween, pretending to be a rollerblader whose head and shoulder and leg had a not-so-pleasant encounter with a hard surface. I got rid of some old clothes by ripping them up. Hmm, I need a new bike helmet now too. Ah well. Omelettes and eggshells...

So, this party I went to was at Missy's. I thought she had a nice costume (fairy), though there were some problems (poorly-designed wing support structure) and she had to keep fidgeting a bit. Ah well, the glitter, perm, and plush-frog-on-a-stick all just added to the allure ;-)

I also found out that, yes, that guy is her boyfriend. No, she isn't quite divorced yet (meh, just a matter of paperwork). And the holes in yard? Not being filled in until the divorce is final (to avoid any increase in the amount of money/blah the cheating-and-possibly-gay bastard gets).

Justin and Beth also showed up, so it was nice to see them. I'd seen Beth when I went to homecoming, but hadn't seen Justin since my band days. Missy also has her friend-from-band Jill living at her place now, not that I see how that can last for very long, just given the cycle of everything. Well, what do I know...

There were leftovers of the non-perishable variety, so a second party was had last weekend, which mostly consisted of a game of Trivial Pursuit, some video, and some beverages. I held my own pretty well for being the only single player. Missy and Ian won.

I was amazed on Saturday when I actually had the energy to go out and do stuff. I guess I have to get out on Friday more often, so then my weekend is less busy? However that works...

New music for the week includes: Coach Said Not To (good, even though it's just an EP—but did you know that two of the people in the band at the time were responsible for the local TV show Nate on Drums?), Cloud Cult's Advice from the Happy Hippopotamus (one of the best album titles ever), Hum's You'd Prefer an Astronaut (yes, from 1995, and mostly just for "Stars"), and Nada Surf's new album.

Okay, I lied (not so short). That's alright.

Ah, and Kelly lost (yay!) and Rybak won (yay! not that it matters much).

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