Sunday, August 7, 2005


Eh, I haven't posted in a while.

I've been looking around for a portable music player that will handle Ogg Vorbis files, but most of the ones that exist are small and can't hold much music. Blah. Only marginally less cumbersome than carrying around a CD player and a small wallet of discs. In addition, some of the bigger players that did work with Vorbis in the past are now discontinued, and no replacements have come to light.

Work is going alright. I have enough stuff to keep me busy now, which I didn't really have at the beginning. Still, I have trouble keeping track of all of the time I spend, and my boss is fairly picky about accounting for time. Somehow, things add up at the end of the day, but not at the end of the week.

At around 11:00, I headed out to get a new clock radio for my bedroom. My old radio is annoying because it is nearly impossible to understand what anyone is saying if the volume is down low, and I can only interpret certain strains of music when it is quiet. So, I got a radio with a better speaker, plus a somewhat better tuner. The old radio was actually quite good at pulling in stations, though it took some fiddling. My new Boston Acoustics Recepter Radio surprised me by being able to sort of tune in 106.5 KUOM-FM, even though I'm pretty far outside the listening range (relatively speaking). Then again, I can't pick up the 100.7 FM translator (W264BR), even though I am within the blue line—ten watts can't do much against brick and concrete, I'm afraid. That radio just happens to be next to a window on the west side of my building, which is why it can pick up the weak station and not the strong one...

I went to my first Fringe Festival show, which was also my first visit to the Brave New Workshop (sad that it's taken me so long, I know..). Unfortunately, either I transcribed the time wrong, or something got fouled up in the scheduling, so I didn't see what I was expecting. I ended up at Quarter Life Crisis, which was entertaining, but somehow I suspect Jaws: The Musical! The Director's Cut would have been more entertaining. Fortunately, most shows run several times, so I can try it again later in the week. I also missed Kung Fu Hamlet because I incorrectly estimated how long it would take me to get from point A to point B.

This evening, I'll be going to see Corleone, The Godfather as though it were written by Shakespeare.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2005


Eek. There must be a funky temperature inversion or something. I'm picking up KFMC 106.5 here in Minneapolis, and it's drowning out Radio K's Uptown/St. Louis Park translator.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Well, some setup that took me two days at work finally got done today. Back on to testing. Installing those Sidewinders is a pain in the butt, partly because it requires more rebooting than I'm accustomed to...

I was thinking about my last entry on Radio K's Uptown/St. Louis Park signal—I've probably got it backwards and it's likely easier to pick up the other signal most of the time rather than KUOM/KDXL.

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Sunday, August 14, 2005


I bought myself some RAM today, so I could fill up the three slots on my motherboard and get up to 1.5 GB. Unfortunately, the system becomes unstable when a third stick is installed, so I'm down to 1 GB at the moment. I might try getting some heatsinks for the memory, but I'm not sure it'll help.

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Friday, August 19, 2005

0xCAFE, er, -script

I've gotten so accustomed to the table of contents on Wikipedia pages that I expect them to be there, even on simple hand-coded web pages, so I cobbled together some JavaScript to walk the top level of a document and find the h2, h3, .. h6 headings and magically make a TOC. The actual list generation code originally came from QuirksMode, and I borrowed chunks from Wikipedia for the show/hide functionality. Layout of the elements is essentially the same as in Wikipedia, other than the fact that I use a 'span' or something somewhere instead of an 'h2', since fixing that probably would have required some specila logic. Anyway, check it out here (view source if you want the code).

Oh look, I forgot about that tag the U adds to static HTML pages... So, here is how it should really look...

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In Combo

Okay, my JavaScript Table of Contents doesn't work in Internet Explorer or Konqueror (which means it probably also breaks in Safari). Firefox and Galeon both work, so presumably just about any Gecko-based browser will work (Gecko is Mozilla's HTML rendering engine). Just as well, since someone else also made a similar implementation. Well, sort of. I actually use ul/li elements, which means that you get a nice list even if CSS is disabled.

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Saturday, August 20, 2005


Sigh. Another day, another dollar, another hard drive.

md2 : active raid1 hdb4[2] hda4[0]
      70316416 blocks [2/1] [U_]
      [========>............]  recovery = 41.1% (28958976/70316416) finish=16.2min speed=42506K/sec
Well, when things recover at 40+ MB/s, I can't complain too much..

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Monday, August 22, 2005


Flipping through the channels, I caught the tail end of a Stargate SG-1 episode, which finally allowed me to figure out a mystery I had after watching The Bridge on the River Kwai. William Holden appears in the classic film, while the younger (and not dead) guy I thought he resembled turns out to be Robert Foxworth.

Well, I dunno, maybe I'm the only one who sees a resemblance..

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Sunday, August 28, 2005


I went to the state fair yesterday and spent a lot of money on food. I tracked down the fair's history museum, but it seemed rather lackluster to me. Seems like they either need to expand it or tweak what they have up. There didn't seem to be much of anything newer than 1960 up on the walls. Oh well, I'd probably be better off getting a book anyway.

Now I probably need to go buy some clothes, shoes, or furniture. I'm not sure if it's the best thing to do first, but I think I'm going to get a new kitchen table first, maybe in addition to something to go in front of my couch...

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