July 12, 2005

Arcade Fire

Well, my power went out twice today. The first time was from about 1:30 until roughly 5:20. I didn't expect it to last that long, so I suppose it's a good thing that I wandered around Uptown and got lost a little bit. Still, the power was off when I got home, so I had a rather large serving of slightly melty ice cream for dinner. Just about the time I got halfway through, the power came back on, but only lasted about an hour before going out for another 40–50 minutes.

I was right on the edge of the dead zone. When I got outside the first time around, I could tell that Marcy Open School across the street had power because their huge air conditioner was still running. Down the street at the 5th-Hennepin-Central triangle, the traffic lights were out. The nursing home nearby had its generator running. However, the traffic lights were operating normally at 4th and Central, and power was going to Rick's Market.

Well, I went to Cheapo and got a bunch of CDs. Most of them were used except for the Danny the Dog soundtrack (aka Unleashed, though the actual Unleashed soundtrack is different, I guess, featuring some rapper or summat).

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