February 16, 2004

So Sue Me

One more thing about that radio station in Danville:

… Coming up next: Music from The Cars, ZZ Top, and Audioslave

Heh. Odd.

Anyway, my dad and I installed some hand-holds in the shower/tub for my grandparents to use. It was a somewhat troublesome process to figure out how to properly mount the rods, since we lack X-ray vision and can't see through the walls. One of the pilot holes bumped into a stud where Dad hadn't expected them, so things had to be fiddled a bit. In the end, though, all of the extra holes that were made ended up being hidden by the circular mounting area anyway.

Well, friends of mine that think I'm freakishly quiet will be happy to know that I understand how that can be disturbing. I've seen my uncle Joe pull this off especially well, though my Dad can do a pretty good job in this ouse for some reason. I haven't noticed when people move through the house sometimes. I've even seen Joe coming a few times, only to have him somehow go into stealth mode, and a moment later I lose track of which direction he went next. So, my quietness runs in this side of the family. My grandfather is really quiet and doesn't speak much either, though I suppose my uncle John kind of breaks the mold a little bit and seems to be a bit more chatty (though he's not here at the moment).

My grandfather is a lawyer, though I guess not a very litigous one. He's mostly been the type to work on the financial side of things, handling estates and sometimes certain organizations. He worked for one company (apparently one specializing in construction) around 1970 that led him to be at the Supreme Court once, which is a pretty neat thing to have done, even if it wasn't an amazingly interesting case or anything.

He's 89 years old now. Still handles a few estates here and there, I guess, but I guess the work is mostly just to keep him engaged rather than just sitting around all day. It looks like he may give that up fairly soon, though. He's received a few degrees. A B.A. in 1936, a Bachelor of Law in 1938, and a Juris Doctor(ate) in 1969. I guess he served a bit in World War II, but I'm not really sure how much. One of the previous times I visited, there was a story told about how he almost visited London one time during the war because some bad weather almost diverted the plane he was on, but then the weather cleared. I'm not sure where the plane would have been coming from or going to at that point, though.

Heh. I see from some of the pictures on the wall that he had wavy hair a lot like I do, though it was black. He seemed to be able to tame it somewhat, but one of the hairstyles is vaguely reminiscent of Don King, but it's not really bad or anything. It just sort of reaches a point at the top.

There are some photos that seem to be even older, though I don't know the stories behind those yet.

Hmm. Time for lunch.

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