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October 28, 2009: ADVANCE! City Council to Allow Bicycles on Ayd Mill Road!

Bikes take over last holdout city road in St. Paul, no stopping 2 wheeled rollers, rumors of unicycles and tricycles terrorize timorous motorized Hummer operators! Russ Stark sponsored a resolution to allow bikes on lightly used Ayd Mill Road. Next thing you know St. Paul may just get the millions in Fed money they have been throwing away by missing deadlines to put a bike route on Ayd Mill. The old "Stripe Walk and Ride" plan may be rolling again, though to spend the millions they will have to use real gold for the stripes. Hooray for Russ!!

Nov. 2006: After a royal stomping delivered in a 70% election sweep Randy "King" Kelly was tossed out, and is now "Randy who?". Mayor Chris Coleman has ushered in a new era of open government and saner policy. HOORAY!

July 1, 2005: King Kelly and the Royal Decrees Yodel for Metro Council Money to Build Ayd Mill Freeway.

- Tell the city council by July 6 to not pass the latest siren song of doom as Kelly begs Council to pass a money request to the Metro Council to make Ayd Mill Road into Highway 280. St Paul City Council Contacts NO MONEY FOR FREEWAY.

VOTE! March 15 Tuesday, County District 4 Special election: Toni Carter

Note: Wednesday WE WON TONI IS ELECTED CONGRATULATIONS. Has been endorsed by Neighborhoods First. She has said we need transit and linear park instead of a freeway built with county money.

Please DONATE for our legal analysis of the EIS for a lawsuit:

Make out checks to: Neighborhood Defense Fund.
Send to: Neighborhood Defense Fund
1790 Hague
St Paul, MN 55104

- Please contact state representatives and county board members as well as the city council.

February, 2005 We Endorse Toni Carter for Ramsey Co Board

VOTE Tuesday Feb 15, 2005. Out of a field of good candidates, a candidate with wide name recognition and experience, Toni Carter, was given the DFL endorsement. Her experience and leadership on the school board will help our neighbors dealing with the human services, transportation and corrections that are the core of county services.

Feb 23, 2005 Ayd Mill Final EIS analysis and PUBLIC Comment meeting.

Dunning Field Recreation Center 7-9pm (on Marshall Ave between Hamline and Lexington)

WRITE your own comments on the EIS at the meeting
CHECK our analysis
SEE local candidates for Mayor and County
LEGAL options for changes

Aug 15, 2003 Mayor Kelly announces $1/2 million in illegal contracts to build Ayd Mill Freeway

Ellis Dye replies in a letter to the Pioneer Press.

May 16, 2003 St Paul Asks MDOT to Extend Ayd Mill - I35E Connection

Please call the St Paul Citizen Service Line, (651) 266-8989 and leave a message, (day or night, no problem) Tell the city to stop the Ayd Mill Road Test Connection to I35E.

Marc Goess, MNDOT Engineer, has confirmed that St Paul asked to extend the permit connecting I35E to Ayd Mill Road. MNDOT will approve without considering ongoing Environmental Impact Statement process.

Tuesday Feb 4, 2003 Traffic Analysis Of Ayd Mill Road

What we found was that the traffic on Lexington at first dropped, but is now climbing again as huge increases continue on Ayd Mill and the north end. Our analysis of the numbers.

St Paul Ayd Mill Road 4-Lane "TEST" violates Minnesota Environment Law

Mayor Randy Kelly kept the "TEST" secret from January - May 2002 in violation of public participation and disclosure rules of the Ayd Mill Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Kelly ignored the citizens rights to participate and created a four lane freeway. EQB law violations

The Minnesota Environmental Quality Board's (EQB) duty is to enforce EIS rules. Ask the EQB to enforce the statutes, rules and exercise your civil rights to environmental protection under the Minnesota environmental law. Your rights are taken away unless you act. Contact EQB to enforce your rights!

35W "Access" Project Opposed by Minneapolis Neighbors

Isn't it amazing? Minneapolis nieghborhoods have the same problems, same people, just the names have changed.

Contact officials NOW!

Opinion, Info, Solutions

Current Statements of the Politicos

Bao Vang Ward 1 supports No Connect
Melvin Carter Ward 1 supports No Connect
Candidates survey, Matt Entenza letter to EQB on Ayd Mill Test
Representative Entenza on Ayd Mill Test
Chris Johnston Senator 64 Candidate contacts EQB
Chris Johnston State Senator website
State Senator Cohen on Ayd Mill "TEST"
Concordia College Prez Holst on Kelly's 4-lane connect of Ayd Mill
Met Council Galles says No Funds for Kelly's 4-lane connect of Ayd Mill
City Council Pat Harris opposes Kelly's 4-lane hijack of Ayd Mill

City Council Pat Harris "Stripe" friendly.
City Council Jay Benanav: Ayd Mill - No Connect!
Mayor Candidate Bob Long: Ayd Mill Road - No Connect!
Mayor Candidates Kelly, Kessler, Blakey, Megard pro-Connect
Betty McCollum on Ayd Mill
Metro Chair Mondale changes Ayd Mill Road from 'Freeway' to lesser road!
Congress Candidate McCollum on Ayd Mill
Metro Chair Mondale ducks issue.
State Senator Cohen responds to Ayd Mill
Congress Candidate Coleman on Ayd Mill
Ramsey County Board Chair Ortega on Ayd Mill
The bunch of Congress Candidates respond to Ayd Mill (RTF)
The bunch of Congress Candidates respond to Ayd Mill
Congress Candidate Gaylord responds to Ayd Mill
Pat Harris again responds to Ayd Mill
Pat Harris response to Ayd Mill

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St Paul City minutes and agenda

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Striping proposal details. Read!
Stripe History April 2002 Stripe History January 2002
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