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Database Administration and SQL Scripts

Database Administrator Tools

DBA Scripts - Shell - SQL Scripts

Export and import compressed files in Oracle.
Extract DDL SQL from Oracle export script
Oracle8.0.5 SQL to create instance
Oracle SQL to check DDL change time
Wrap sqlplus with ksh.

SQL Database examples for relational algebra.
Shell script to find missing file references in tags.

ColdFusion SQL string in cfquery tag single quote problem and workaround.
Perl scripts to extract rows or columns from many Excel spreadsheets.
Security check for Oracle default user passwords
Script to Convert Oracle, Informix schemas to other RDBMS.
Oracle rman to Veritas backup and recover 8.1
How To: Export from Access Database   No mouse clicks!

SQL script using Oracle date functions to create a time dimension.
Index attribute order and cardinality Oracle script.
Oracle script to find bad index design
Informix or Oracle referential constraint graph in SQL/AWK/shell

Informix SPL converts datetime to Visual Basic integers.
Match Informix session to Baan bshell
Oracle/Baan, match database session to Baan bshell.

Unix Shell and Awk Scripts

A ksh - awk script search cgi Shell can do anything, even CGI.
Unix Statistical Spam Filter Works
(with the spamfilter script, now with self updating whitelist)
Shell script to restart Baan license server
Unix script to find processes over time limit.

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Database Administration and SQL scripts
Database Administration and SQL scripts

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Database, Systems and Software Articles

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MNsure User Interface Fixes to Up Enrollment.

MNsure PR Propaganda Misdirection.

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Media ignores MNSure story: People reject for profit insurance for single payer plans. Bait and Switch and 1 In 5 Stuck In System. Updated March 9, 2014. Security Problems., Poor Web Site Performance, Lags Compared To Other States.

DBA - Database Management

Database Management: Quick Dirty DB Tuning performance tuning.
O'Reilly Onlamp Database Tuning
Database Management: RDBMS optimizer and performance
Database Management: Performance and Data Loading
Baan index performance, oxymoron!
Database tools: OLTP Reports Cheap, quick, database report tool.
Database Management: Metadata Why it is needed.

ERP Administration: SAP, Baan, PeopleSoft

ERP SAP Baan PeopleSoft, Oracle: administration, implementation, analysis, testing, and scripts

Architecture & Database Design Articles

Use Case for Database Design Modeling   Includes DDL implemented in Postgresql
Web Portals are bogus projects
Design Reference Books
National Security Analyzed
Distributed Systems and Terror
Design for database administration.
Design for system administration.
Use software packages correctly.
Nasdaq failure shows WorldCom problem

Internet Articles

WEBTV, World's worst user interface?
Simple Web Design
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Unix Spam Filter revisited after a year of use.

Government Systems and Data

- List of articles on Voting, election manipulation,vote fixing, election fraud.
Minnesota's Big Brother CriMNet Database Audit Program audit papers over problems.
Minnesota's Big Brother CriMNet Database Public data in private paramilitary control is dangerous.
Minnesota's CriMNet Connected GangNet Database Theft, Thugs, Money, Drugs, Biggest Gang is Sherrif Fletcher's.
MNDOT Funds Junk Science Studies on how to manipulate Environmental Impact Statementes ( EIS )
Why All Nuke Plants Will Explode.

Why earthquakes in Haiti and Japan killed so many people

Transportation Systems and Transit Usability

List of Transit Articles:
- Transit usability and transportation systems articles.

Database Project Management and Software Engineering Articles

Managing Software Vendors, Software Engineering, Project Management

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This page is about the practical application of imperfect software in a real world. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications like Baan, SAP, Peoplesoft, and other packages that run on RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) are examined from the point of view of a DBA (database administrator.) It is also about SQL scripting and database administration, Informix, Oracle, DB2 and Postgresql are the products I prefer.

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