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This webpage contains announcements of special folk (s.l.) events that come to my attention, in particular lesser-publicised happenings. This is not meant to be an exhaustive listing of all folk or related events in the Twin Cities, but rather ones which I thought might be less well known. Unfortunately I don't have the information to constantly update a comprehensive listing of folk events in the area, but the links at the end of this page provide additional information, especially about the better known venues. Dances or concerts are as likely, if not more so, to be found at one of these linked venues as to be listed on this page. They just have their own websites and I don't need to list their schedules too.

I've started adding comments and update dates in square brackets.


The final(?) word on this website is that the university is no longer providing webspace for alumni, though I should (providing they do not change their minds about this too) continue to have an email account (after paying a lot of money for it). This website was supposed to be gone mid-2008 and is still here, so I suspect it slipped between the cracks and is on borrowed time.   Unfortunately the interface for updating this site is very fussy so I will not be updating it regularly.  It is important you try to verify an event is taking place since this page may be very out of date before I update it again.




As a general note, both Minneapolis and St. Paul have now banned smoking in bars, restaurants, and cafes.



Check the MetroTransit site for more information on buses.

The Oddfellows Hall is close to the number 16 and 87 buses.

Other sites to check:

Tapestry Folkdance Center
A major venue for Twin Cities folkdancing (also swing)

Louisiana Music in the Upper Midwest

The Cedar Cultural Centre
Mostly folk/ethnic concerts; occasional dances, especially Cajun/Zydeco

Twin Cities Irish Music and Dance information

Jim Kiehne's Webpage
International dance, Twin Cities.

Dance Gypsy Site
Dance information, mostly for New England and select other locations.

TC Swing
Terry Gardner/Cindy Gardener (Geiger)'s swing dance page

Rendezvous Ballroom
Classes and events for various kinds of couple's dancing.

Greenwood Tree
Guitar/hammered dulcimer duo

New Folk Collective
Singer/songwriter folk concerts

Home on the Range Community Dance Association,
Dances in the Iron Range, northern Minnesota (does not include Tamarack dances)

Ethnic Dance Theatre
Ethnic dance performances
General Irish info. for midwest. Image intensive with frames, so slow loading.

Minnesota Cajun and Zydeco Music and Dance Association
Status of organization uncertain but the website is down.

Contracorners Web Site
Site with dance information for the US

Ginkgo's Coffeehouse
Weekly folk concerts, open stage, jams

Scandinavian band (now disbanded and domain name used by somebody else)

Twin Cities Acoustic Music Calendar

Twin Cities Irish Music and Dance Association Page
Local band listings, major events

Scandinavian Dance and Music Calendar
[Broken Link]

Twin Cities Ceilidhs
Local Irish dances

Maiden Rock Dances
Barndances in Maiden Rock, WI

Contradancelinks Website
International listing of contradance venues

St. Paul Czech and Slovak Folk dancers

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