Eric HartnettWelcome to the Eric Hartnett Photography Online Gallery

Eric Hartnett is a young professional photographer that focuses on beautiful wedding, travel, and the fine art photography.

Welcome to the Eric Hartnett Photography Gallery – the place where you can find photography done by Eric Hartnett.

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I am currently a 3rd year student enrolled at the University of Minnesota -Twin Cities. My degree focuses both in the fields of art and the Spanish language. I decided it was important to create this website not only to organize and showcase the entirety of my photographic work in one place, but to also engage with other artists / bloggers / travelers and share stories or creative ideas with them.

This website allows you to

Wedding PhotographyTravel PhotographyFine Art PhotographyIf interested, access to all of my artwork (including drawing, sculpture, etc.) is available on my blog,

If you like my work and have any comments, questions, suggestions or requests please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail at, or



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