Discussion Groups

Small discussion groups are at the heart of GCF. With numbers ranging from 3 to 15, these groups provide a more intimate setting for us to be challenged and encouraged by one another. Topics and formats vary widely - from informal gatherings over coffee to in-depth manuscript studies of the Bible. Below is a list of the groups that have been organized for this coming year. If you find one that interests you, send an email to the contact person to find out more details. If none of them sound appealing right now, check out our other activities or our getting connected page to find another way to be involved in GCF.

Group Contact Person

Daniel Group

This is a small group for first year graduate students, or for students new to GCF. We study the book of Daniel as a methaphor for graduate school, learning how to engage with the academic culture while holding on to a distinct Christian identity. It is a great introduction to GCF and graduate school! Highly recommended by past participants!

Chet Mulholland,
mulh0027 at umn.edu

Keller Hall Group

This is a reading group meeting in Keller Hall centered around discussing our role as Christians when it comes to the creation and use of technology. While this group is mainly for people in computing-related fields, anyone who is interested in the topic is still welcome to join us. We usually meet once or twice a month on Tuesdays at 1:30pm in Keller 4-131.

Michael Tetzlaff,
michaelt919 at gmail.com

Chemistry Group

For graduate students (primarily in chemistry, but all are certainly welcome), there is a meeting once a month (roughly), in either Smith or Kolthoff Hall typically around the lunch hour. Come join us for a time of fellowship and encouragement as well as the opportunity to meet with other Christians throughout the department. Formatting ranges from book studies to discussions about the intersection of science and faith.

Clifford Gee,
geexx059 at umn.edu

Coffman Group

We meet in Coffman 305 on Tuesdays from 12 - 1 pm.

Sarah Hunt,
hunt0646 at umn.edu

Maclaurin Reading Groups

Reading Groups are small discussion groups in which members read in conversation with each other. Unless otherwise specified, each group runs for 6-8 weeks over the course of the semester. Our Fall 2015 Reading Group offerings are listed on our website.

Please contact Andrew Hansen if you are interested.


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