GCF Resources

Church List

If you are new to the area or just looking for a new church, this list is for you. Many of our members have contributed descriptions of the local churches they attend or have visited.

Book Lists

What do graduate students love more than a good book to read? These lists have been compiled by our group as a resource for further reading on many of the topics we think are important for Christians in the academy. Check out our list of books related to Christian scholarship and our list specific to science and faith issues.

Christian Scholarship

As part of an ongoing discussion within GCF, this page is dedicated to our chapter's efforts to wrestle with the challenges of Christian scholarship. Still a work in progress, we are gathering essays written by present and former chapter members regarding their jouneys as Christian scholars, both in terms of thinking and practice.

Professional Associations

Have you ever wondered how to connect with other Christians in your discipline? Many academic areas have their own professional association for Christians. This list has been compiled by InterVarsity Graduate and Faculty Ministries and provided to us by Paul Jeffries. (Thanks, Paul!)

Job Postings

As we get them, we will be posting job advertisements on this page. If you would like us to post anything, you can contact us at gcf@tc.umn.edu.

The MacLaurin Institute

The University of Minnesota is served by this Christian study center, providing everything from academic courses to an excellent lecture series to a blog about scholarship and Christian faith. MacLaurin is dedicated to "Bringing God into the marketplace of ideas by communicating the Christian worldview with its transforming potential." See their website for more details


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