Prayer Opportunities

A significant part of what we do at GCF is prayer - prayer for each other, prayer for the university, and prayer for our world. We pray so as to be reminded of our constant dependence on God and because we believe that our prayers make a difference both in our own lives and in the university community of which we are a part. We believe that God chooses to work through us as we pray, that He has a plan for the university, and that our faithfulness in prayer is a part of that plan. Please consider joining us! You can take advantage of our monthly prayer calendar and/or our weekly on-campus prayer meeting.

Weekly Prayer Meetings

We spend this time praying through a different list of topics each week. The format is designed so people can choose to pray with us either audibly or silently as they feel comfortable. We encourage everyone who is involved with GCF (or simply concerned about God's plan and presence in our University community) to join us. Topics vary each week, and are usually culled from stories and issues prevelant in the university, local, and national news. Please join us Tuesday mornings, 12 - 1pm in Coffman Union. For more information, please contact Minyoung cha, cha.minyoung at

Prayer for the U

This is a unified movement to promote prayer on the University of Minnesota campus. Several Christian campus organizations are joining together to hold monthly prayer services. Our goal for these services is to pray specifically and intentionally for the varying needs of the University community.


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