Getting Connected with GCF

Getting connected with GCF is easy! There are several options:

  1. Send an email to requesting to be added to our internal email list - please include your name, department/area of study, and a short message telling us who you are. Our email list is the fastest way to find out about all of our events and stay connected even if you have been away for a while. This list will never be given away or used for any purpose other than keeping you informed of GCF activities. You can unsubscribe at any time.
  2. Contact one of the student leaders or our InterVarsity staff workers. We would love to talk to you. We will probably even buy you coffee. Here is our contact information.
  3. Attend a discussion group. Any of the discussion groups would be glad to have you come and visit without expecting a commitment. Here is a list of our current discussion groups.
  4. Attend any one of our events. If you would rather observe us in action before talking to anyone or getting more actively involved, feel free to come to any of our events and check us out. Here is our calendar.
  5. Or, perhaps you are interested in being involved, but do not have time to come to our events or join a discussion group? Maybe you have you already formed your own small group or Bible study, but want some additional resources? You are not alone. There are others who also share our commitments and values, but do not have time to be actively participating. We would still like to hear from you. With enough interest, we are hoping to create a GCF "network" to keep people like you informed of lectures, conferences, books, etc. that would be of interest. Through our network, all of our resources would be available to you as well. Send us an email at gcf at and we will give you more information.


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