Our Core Commitments

Graduate Christian Fellowship is a chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, USA, and is affiliated with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). While our students come from a variety of denominational and theological backgrounds, we share a common belief in the essential tenets of Christianity and join together in affirming commitment to the following core areas:

  • Spiritual Formation: At the center of our commitments is the desire for continued growth in our relationship with God and increased sensitivity to His leading. All of our other commitments are built upon this.
  • Community: We commit ourselves to developing a welcoming community of students and faculty that offers support and encouragement throughout our time in the university.
  • Integration of Faith, Learning, and Practice: We commit ourselves to the ongoing work of honoring God through our learning and scholarship recognizing His presence in all that we do and study.
  • Evangelism & Service: We commit ourselves to lovingly serving our university community and faithfully bearing witness to the joy and fulfillment of our lives lived in relationship with the living God.

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