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The Graduate Christian Fellowship is a group of graduate students at the University of Minnesota who are committed to an ever-deeper understanding of what it means to walk with God while living and working in the university. Our group consists of graduate students from a wide range of academic disciplines and denominational backgrounds. What connects us is our common love and commitment to Jesus Christ and our desire to bring his life and words to bear on our studies, the university, and the challenges of our time. We believe that being Christian graduate students is about more than just survival in a secular academy and goes beyond preparation for future ministry. We believe that our faith has something significant to say about how we study and practice our respective disciplines, and that our disciplines can teach us more about our Creator. Our challenge as a group is to understand the interplay of faith and scholarship in a way that is true to the rigors and standards of modern academia, while also remaining true to the essence and standards of our Christian faith. For further information about who we are, please see our About GCF page. For information about the things we do and how to get involved, please see our Activities and Get Connected pages.


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