INK SPOTS: COMICS FOR CARTOONISTS is a bi-monthly Amateur Publishing Association magazine (APAzine) dedicated to promoting comic and cartoon art among professional and amateur artists. The aim of this APAzine is to establish a forum whereby artistic creators of all kinds can exchange ideas and opinions on cartooning. It is a testing ground for proposed works, as well as a central exchange for comments and new ideas. Along with original material by the membership, INK SPOTS will contain articles by and about established cartoonists and comic artists, plus other writing related to the medium.


Tom Foster publishes first issue as INK SPOTS O.E.!
For more information, check out the Current Issue.

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INK SPOTS welcomes Tom Foster as the new Organizing Editor of our APAzine. Tom has just published his first issue, which was mailed to the membership in March.

The current issue, #20-C, features contributions from:

Plus: Spotty's Scrapbook, a special section featuring the art of J. Allen St. John, and everyone's favorite bobcat mastcot, Spotty!


MEMBERSHIP: 25 members, including the Organizing Editor (OE).

PUBLICATION: Bi-monthly, alternating between "art" issues and "comment" issues. The deadlines for the "art" issues of INK SPOTS are April 1, August 1, and December 1. Submissions for "comment" issues are due on February 1, June 1, and October 1.

MINIMUM ACTIVITY (MINAC): 2 pages of original, artistic material for every "art" issue. Submissions to "comment" issues are not required, but strongly requested. 30 copies of each submission, plus $4.00 per issue for mailing and production costs, are also required.

SIZE: 8-1/2" x 11" (standard letter size), double-sided. Other sizes (digests, minis) allowed upon arrangement with the OE.

CONTENTS: Any original, unpublished cartoon/comic material, with an eye toward professional publication.

Membership Requirements

Membership in INK SPOTS is limited to 25 people, including the Organizing Editor (OE). Once the ceiling of 25 members is reached, a waiting list will be established to accomodate interested parties. People on the waiting list will be admitted to INK SPOTS on a first come first served basis as openings appear. Those on the waiting list may contribute to INK SPOTS, but they are not guaranteed a copy of the APAzine. (They may receive an extra or incomplete copy at the Organizing Editor's descretion, if copies are available.)

Publication Schedule

INK SPOTS is published bi-monthly. The deadlines for the "art" issues of INK SPOTS are April 1, August 1, and December 1. Submissions for "comment" issues are due on February 1, June 1, and October 1.

Contact O.E. Tom Foster for more information regarding the current INK SPOTS deadline.

Contributions received after the deadline will be held for the next collation or will be returned to the contributor at their option. Late contributions will not apply towards a member's Minimum Activity (or MINAC), so mail early! INK SPOTS will be collated on the first weekend following the deadline, and mailed to the membership thereafter.

Minimum Activity (MINAC)

The responsibilities of each member of an APAzine are called Minimum Activity or MINAC. Minimum Activity for INK SPOTS requires each member to print, or arrange to have printed, 30 copies of their contribution (25 for the membership plus 5 extras), and mail them to the OE. The OE must receive the contribution on or before that issue's stated deadline.

Organizing Editor (OE)

The person in charge of running the APA is the Organizing Editor or "OE". The current OE of INK SPOTS is Tom Foster. Contributions, mailing accounts, questions, and all other correspondence relating to the APA should be mailed to:

Tom Foster
55 South Alicia

Contributions ("'zines")

Members are requested to pre-collate any contributions of 3 or more pages. MINAC requires that you submit 2 pages of original, unpublished art for every art issue. If a member misses an art issue deadline, that member must publish a two-page "creative" minimum in the following comment issue. There is no "maximum activity", but members are encouraged to use their own discretion.

Each contribution must be submitted on standard 8-1/2" x 11" sheets of paper, with proper margins (at least 1/2 inch along each side is reccomended), and printed or copied double-sided to hold down on the size of the collated APAzine. Odd-size contributions will not be accepted unless prior arrangements with he OE are made. Digest-sized 'zines, "minicomics" or similar small enclosures will be put in a special envelope, to be included with each copy of the APAzine; the cost of the envelopes will be deducted from that contributor's mailing account. Collated APAzines will be sent via First Class Mail, unless other arrangements are made with the OE.

Mailing Accounts

Each member is requested to maintain a mailing account to cover costs related to publishing and mailing INK SPOTS. A published account will be made each issue to indicate what the previous issue cost, and how much each member has in their account. If a member leaves the APA the balance of their mailing account will be refunded. If a mailing account is not established, each contribution must be accompanied by funds to cover mailing and distribution.

"Art" and "Comment" Issues

INK SPOTS is rather special among APAs in that it is really two APAs in one, alternating between "art" issues and "comment" issues. The "art" issues will feature creative works by the membership, and "comment" issues will serve as a means of commenting and exchanging information among members. Cartoon/comic submissions are not restricted to "art" issues, and comments and other writings are not restricted to "comment" issues, as long as the rules of MINAC are observed. Submitting to the "comment" issues is not required, but it is strongly encouraged so that everyone can get a feel for how well (or how poorly) their work is received. Constructive mailing comments (MCs) should be the norm here; sniping and pointless personal attacks will be viewed unfavorably.


Certain mailings will be "theme issues" as designated by the OE, and members are encouraged (though not required) to observe these special themes.

INK SPOTS is a creative APA, so share the best you have to contribute! The OE is personally very fond of animals of any sort, and pro-animal material will be gently encouraged. "Adult" material (which generally means violent or sexual subject matter) has its place in some comics and cartoons, but contributors to INK SPOTS are encouraged to keep this to a minimum. Material will be reviewed for tastefulness should the need arise. Material unacceptable for professional publication will be rejected here, too! Remember, professionalism is not who you work for or how much you make. Rather, professionalism is a mature, intelligent attitude toward your work, the works of others, and in your relations with your fellow cartoonists. Hopefully, INK SPOTS will be an entertaining and challenging experience for everyone involved.

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