Carl Elliott - Better than Well

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Reviews of Better than Well

Gary Greenberg, Mother Jones:
Elliott's capacious and learned intellect is well suited to this discursive approach; he is able to tug on the thread of a single enhancement technique and unravel what seems to be the whole of American culture." (full text)

Shannon Brownlee, Washington Post Book World:
"Better Than Well is a superbly crafted book. Lucidly written, often funny, it offers a penetrating look at our self-obsessed, over-medicalized, enhancement-addicted society." (full text)

Simon Ings, New Scientist
"Behind the laid-back journalistic charm of author Carl Elliott lurks a thinker of considerable slyness and force. For Elliott's proper subject is not technology per se; it is goodness." (full text)

Marilyn Gardner, Christian Science Monitor:
"A refreshingly quirky journey, its twists and turns dotted with cultural and literary references." (full text)

Bradley Lewis, Literature and Medicine:
"a wide-ranging, ironic, and gently mocking (while still very serious) consideration of the emerging partnership between American medicine and the biotech century." (full text (PDF))

New Zealand Medical Journal:
"Unlike many similar books, it is well worth reading" (full text (PDF))

New England Journal of Medicine:
"A subtle yet provocative book" (full text - subscription only)

The Economist:
"The fear of missing out on all that life could offer has given the quest for self-enhancement a powerful moral dimension. The novelty of Better Than Well is that is makes the same case for such unlikely procedures as accent reduction, transsexual surgery and … a longing for amputation. One man's mutilation, it seems, is another's self-discovery." (full text )

New York Times:
"The path from Walden Pond to plastic surgery may be hard to discern, and seem completely off the map, until you read Better Than Well".

Donald Raney, Big Fish Auto Sales:
"Packed with philosophical whupass!"

Scientific American :
"Elliott grips the reader's attention all the way." (full text)

Tony McMenamin, Maxim Online
"Covering the entire spectrum, from Botox, voice generators, and Prozac to penis studs and nipple rings, you’ll learn that the pursuit of happiness and self-realization manifests itself in many peculiar ways. Unhappy with your calves? Hack the fuckers off! An observant read, Better Than Well won’t tell you how to fix your problems—just how many you have." (full text)

Vithal C. Nadkarni, Times of India (full text)

Christian Perring, Metapsychology Online (full text)

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