The lab of Emma Goldberg recently opened its doors in the department of Ecology, Evolution & Behavior at the University of Minnesota. Our research interests center around biogeography and plant mating systems, mostly through the lens of evolutionary theory and phylogenetic comparative methods.

Please see the recruitment information if you are interested in joining the lab.

And we are not alone!

  • Theory for Life: We host weekly joint lab meetings about in-progress work on mathematical modeling in biology. All are welcome to attend, participate, and receive feedback on ongoing work.
  • Evolution in the Twin Cities: We join with other with evolutionary enthusiasts for “evoltwin” weekly meetings and other events.


We’re in the Ecology Building on the St Paul campus. [Ecology map]


408 Ecology
eeg <at> umn <dot> edu


340-L Ecology


Department of Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
University of Minnesota
1987 Upper Buford Cir
Saint Paul, MN 55108-6097

Mail Code 6097

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