De Liu

De Liu
Associate Professor
Information and Decision Sciences
3-163 Carlson School of Management
University of Minnesota
Office phone: 612-626-4480
Email: email
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Research Interests

  • Auctions and contests
  • Social networks and knowledge
  • Gamification and games

Working Papers

Auctions and contests:

  1. Allocation and Pricing of Substitutable Goods: Theory and Algorithm ( with H. Rui and A.B. Whinston), Revise and Resubmit at Production and Operations Management. PDFSSRN
  2. Competing Keyword Auctions ( with J. Chen and A.B. Whinston). Conference Version
  3. A Truthful and Efficient Mechanism for Multi-slot Ad Scheduling with Budget Constraints (with Yang Sun).
  4. New Privacy-Preserving Ascending Auction for Assignment Problems (with Adib Bagh), SSRN.
  5. Experts versus the Crowd: A Comparison of Selection Mechanisms in Crowdsourcing Contests (with Liang Chen and Pei Xu), PDFSSRN 
* This research stream is partly supported by the National Science Foundation of China under Grant No.71571044

Social networks and knowledge:

  1. Comparing Internal Markets and Hierarchy in the Coordination of Knowledge: A Simulation ( with B. Skaggs, A. Boccia, and P. Mills)
  2. The Time-Contingent Value of Social Capital: Structural Holes, Resources Richness, and Knowledge Production ( with J. Ling, A. Mehra, D. Brass and S. Borgatti)

Gamification and games:

  1. Towards Meaningful Engagement: A Framework for Design and Research of Gamified Information Systems (with R. Santhanam and J. Webster), Revise and Resubmit at MIS Quarterly SSRN (abstract) .


Selected Journal Publications:

  1. Santhnam, Radhika, De Liu, Milton Shen (2015). Gamification of Technology-Mediated Training: Gamification of Technology-Mediated Training: Not All Competitions Are the Same. Accepted at Information Systems Research. SSRN PDF
  2. Liu, De, Daniel J. Brass, Yong Lu, Dongyu Chen. Friendships in Online Peer-to-Peer Lending: Pipes, Prisms, and Relational Herding (2015). MIS Quarterly 39(3): 729-742. Download | SSRN
  3. Liu, De, Siva Viswanathan. Information Asymmetry and Hybrid Advertising (2014). Journal of Marketing Research 51(5):609-624. SSRN
  4. Li, Jun, De Liu, and Shulin Liu (2013). Optimal Keyword Auctions for Optimal User Experiences. Decision Support Systems 56(2013): 450-461. Download | SSRN
  5. Liu, De, Xun Li, and Radhika Santhanam (2013). Digital Games and Beyond: What Happens When Players Compete. MIS Quarterly 37(1) 111-124. Download
  6. Liu, Shulin, Jun Li, and De Liu (2012). Multi-attribute Procurement Auctions with Risk Averse Suppliers. Economics Letters 115(3) 408-411. Download | SSRN
  7. Liu, De, Gautam Ray, and Andrew B. Whinston (2010). The Interaction between Knowledge Codification and Knowledge Sharing Networks. Information Systems Research 21(4) 892-906. Download
  8. Liu, De, Jianqing Chen, and Andrew B. Whinston (2010). Ex-Ante Information and Design of Keyword Auctions. Information Systems Research 21 (1): 133-153. Download
  9. Chen, Jianqing, De Liu, and Andrew Whinston (2009). Auctioning Keywords in Online Search. Journal of Marketing 73(4), 125-141 Download
  10. Wu, Jiming and De Liu (2007). The Effects of Trust and Enjoyment on Intention to Play Online Games. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research 8 (2), 128-140. Download
  11. Liu, De, Xianjun Geng, and Andrew B. Whinston (2007). Optimal Design of Consumer Contests. Journal of Marketing, Vol. 71 (October 2007), pp140-155. Download
  12. Liu, De and Jianqing Chen (2006). Designing online auctions with past performance information. Decision Support Systems, 42, 1307-1320. Download

Book Chapters:

  1. Liu, De, Xianjun Geng, A. B. Whinston (2007). Status Seeking and the Design of Online Entertainment Communities. In Karmarkar, Uday S. and Uday M. Apte, eds. Managing in the Information Economy: Current Research Issues. New York, NY: Springer. Download
  2. Susarla, A., D. Liu, A. B. Whinston (2003). Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Management. In C. W. Holsapple (eds) Handbook on Knowledge Management. Berlin, Germany: Springer. Volume 2: 129-140. Download
  3. Liu, De, Jianqing Chen, A. B. Whinston (2007). Current Issues in Keyword Auctions. SSRN


Doctoral Students

  • Pei Xu (2014), University of Kentucky, Chair. Placement: Assistant Professor at Auburn University.

    Dissertation Title: How Consumers Use Social Shopping Websites? The Effect of Social Recommendation and Computer Recommendation.

  • Zhihong Ke (expected 2017), University of Minnesota, Chair
  • Matthew Spradling (2016), University of Kentucky Computer Science, Committee Member.

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