This is your open invitation to the 17th Annual Writers' Block Party.

Feel free to pass along this invitation to all kindred spirits. The

Writers' Block Party is a gathering of writers, aspiring writers, former

writers, and their friends and families, organized as a pot luck

barbeque in the park. The motto has always been "Bring Your Own Meat"

(but we do not prejudice against those who are not carnivores) and

something to share. There has always been plenty to go around.


This year's picnic is scheduled for this upcoming Saturday, July 24,

1999. Come when you want, the official starting time is 2:00 p.m. We

stay till dark or beyond, depending on weather, mosquitoes, etc. After

much hand wringing over proposed road construction, we decided on

continuity (inertia), and the gathering will continue to be held at

Picnic Ground No. 1 at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota, near

the intersection of Minnehaha Avenue and Minnehaha Parkway. Note that

they are now charging for parking, and do ticket if you don't pay the

drop boxes.


Year after year, good weather and bad, the people who show up generally

have an excellent time. I hope you and your family and/or friends can

be among them this year.


If there are any questions, contact Rob Ihinger at (612) 820-8862 from

9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., or (612) 722-0819 otherwise. E-mail address is

"". No RSVP is necessary, just drop on by. Even people

who have never met us have figured out which group we are. It's not

that hard, we're the writerly types having fun.


Rob Ihinger

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