An initial list of accepted program/paper proposals. More still in planning.

Contact David Emerson [] &/or Jan Bogstad.

[Jan will be away for much of the remaining part of June/July.]


Anderson, Douglas: "Episodes in the Life of a Scholar/Researcher: Rediscovering Snergs, Excavating Obscure Dead Authors, and Pleasant Encounters with Nonagenarians" (Guest of Honor speech)

Anderson, Douglas: reading of the Kenneth Morris Play "The Archdruid"

Anderson, Douglas: Slide show on illustrating and annotating The Hobbit

Callahan, Tim: "Fantasy Themes in Non-Fantasy Cinema"

Coffman, Phil: "Symbolic Expression & Language in Tolkien's Middle-earth"

Farrell, Eleanor: "King Arthur 'Lite': Dilution of Mythic Elements in Arthurian Film"

Foster, Mike: "In The Ringmaker's Hand" Revisited

Foster, Mike: "Ringo and Samwise: Paradigms?"

Gorman, Anita: "The Road Goes Ever On: Song Cycles in Stevenson and Tolkien"

Hodgell, P.C, Discussion of her works, possibly a reading? Sponsored by the Rivendell Discussion Group

Pelkey, Stan: "Chivalry and Anti-chivalry in Farmer Giles of Ham"

Rihn, Greg: "Tolkien the Borrower: Mordor and Blauwildebeestefontein"

Salo, David: "Tolkien's Application of Historical Linguistics to Elvish Languages"

Salo, Dorothea: "Introduction to Linguistics"

Salo, Dorothea: "The Growth of Fantasy Languages: Dunsany to LeGuin"

Sarjeant, William A.S.: Lecture on Dinosaur Fiction

Sarjeant, William A.S.: "Pastoral Farming in the Shire"

Thorpe, Dwayne: "Maps of Desire"

Panel: "His Dark Materials: Where Can Pullman Go From Here?" Richard C. West, Janice Bogstad, Verlyn Flieger, Ted Sherman

Panel: "Hidden Meanings in Carroll, MacDonald, Lewis" Fernando Soto, Ted Sherman

Panel: "We Want Our MTV (Millenial Television)" Berni Philips, Arden Smith, Joan Verba, Edith Crowe, Eleanor Farrell

Panel: "Tolkien, Roman Catholicism and the Birminghan Oratory" Mike Foster, Matt Fisher, Adam Schwartz, Nancy Martsch

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