Previous Mythopoeic Conferences

I, Sept. 4-7, 1970. (Location:) Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, California. Combined with Tolkien Conference III. Guest of Honor: Clyde S. Kilby (Inklings scholar and curator); Chairman, Glen GoodKnight.

II, Sept. 3-6, 1971. Francisco Torres Conference Center, Santa Barbara, California. Guests of Honor, Mary McDermott Shideler (Williams scholar) and Clyde S. Kilby; Chairman, Glen GoodKnight.

III, June 30-July 4, 1972 (in conjunction with Westercon XXV), Edgewater Hyatt, Long Beach, California. Guest of Honor, Poul Anderson (Fantasy author); Chairman, Glen GoodKnight.

IV, August 17-20, 1973. Francisco Torres Conference Center, Santa Barbara, California. Guests of Honor, Peter S. Beagle (Fantasy author) and Richard Plotz (founder of the Tolkien Society of America); Chairman, Glen GoodKnight.

V, August 23-26, 1974. Scripps College, Claremont, California. (Theme:) "The MabinogiCon: Celtic and Welsh Influence in Mythopoeic Literature." Guests of Honor, Evangeline Walton (Fantasy author) and Kathryn Lindskoog (Lewis scholar).

VI, August 15-18, 1975. Scripps College, Claremont, California. "The Fictional Worlds of C.S. Lewis." Guests of Honor, Walter Hooper (Lewis scholar and executor) and Ed Meskys (former Thain of the Tolkien Society of America); Chairman, Bruce McMenomy.

VII, August 13-16, 1976. Westbridge Conference Center, Sacramento, California. "Arthurian Elements in Williams, Lewis and Tolkien." Guest of Honor, Thomas Howard (Inklings scholar); Chairman, Bruce McMenomy, Conference Co-ordinator, Mary Morman.

VIII, August 26-29, 1977. University of California-San Diego, La Jolla. "The 'Lesser' Works of J.R.R. Tolkien." Guest of Honor, Richard Purtill (Inklings scholar and Fantasy author); Chairman, Bruce McMenomy, Local Coordinators, Andy and Sandi Howard.

IX, August 11-13, 1978. Ambassador Inn, West Sacramento, California. "Deryni." Guest of Honor, Katherine Kurtz (Fantasy author); Chairman, Michael Morman.

X, July 12-15, 1979. Hyatt House, San Jose, California. "The Silmarillicon." Guests of Honor, Jim Allan (Tolkien linguist) and Annette Harper (fantasy artist); Chair, Lisa Deutsch Harrigan.

XI, July 25-28, 1980. University of Nevada, Reno. "Joy in the Great Dance." Guest of Honor, Glen GoodKnight (founder of The Mythopoeic Society); Chairperson, Debbie Smith.

XII, August 7-10, 1981. Mills College, Oakland, California. "A Festival in Faerie." Guests of Honor: Elizabeth M. Pope (Fantasy author and scholar) and J.R. Christopher (Lewis scholar and Inklings bibliographer); Chair, Diana L. Paxson.

XIII, August 13-16, 1982. Chapman College, Orange, California. "Celtic Con: The Celtic Influence on Fantasy Literature." No guest of honor, seven special guests were: Nancy-Lou Patterson (keynote speaker), Marion Zimmer Bradley (fantasy author), Tim Kirk (fantasy artist), Katherine Kurtz (fantasy author), Kathryn Lindskoog (Lewis scholar), Ataniel Noel (Tolkien scholar), Paul Edwin Zimmer (Fantasy author), Bernie Zuber (fantasy artist). Director, Lisa Cowan

XIV, August 12-15, 1983. Scripps College, Claremont, California. "Mythic Structures in Tolkien, Lewis and Williams." Guests of Honor: Stephen R. Donaldson (fantasy author) and Clyde S. Kilby (Inklings scholar and curator); Chairman, Glen GoodKnight.

XV, August 10-13, 1984. Mills College, Oakland, California. "The Wood Between the Worlds." Guests of Honor, Jane Yolen (fantasy author) and Paul Ford (Lewis scholar); Chair, Eric Rauscher.

XVI, July 26-29, 1985. Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois. "A Kinship of Dancers: Interplay in the lives and works of Lewis, Tolkien, and Williams." Guests of Honor: Patricia McKillip (Fantasy author) and Peter Schakel (Lewis scholar); Chairman, Diana Lynne Pavlac

XVII, August 8-11, 1986. California State University-Long Beach. "The Daughters of Beatrice: Women in Fantasy." Guests of Honor: Charles DeLint (Fantasy author) and Judith Kollman (Williams scholar); Special Guest, Marion Zimmer Bradley; Co-Chairs, Sarah Beach and Peter Lowentrout.

XVIII, July 24-27, 1987. Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. "Looking Back From Weathertop: A Fifty Years' Retrospective on The Hobbit." Guests of Honor: John Bellairs (Fantasy author) and Christopher Tolkien (Tolkien scholar and executor); Chair, Gregory Rihn.

XIX, July 29-August 1, 1988. Clark Kerr Campus, University of California, Berkeley. "Legends for a New Land: Fantasy in America." Guests of Honor, Ursula Le Guin (Fantasy author) and Brian Attebery (Fantasy scholar); Chair, David Bratman.

XX, July 28-31, 1989, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. "Mythic Elements in Fantasy." Guests of Honor, Guy Gavriel Kay (Fantasy author) and Raymond H. Thompson (Arthurian scholar); Chairman, Lynn J.R. Wytenbroek

XXI, August 3-6, 1990, University of California, Long Beach. "Aspects of Love in Fantasy." Guests of Honor, Diana L. Paxson (Fantasy author, scholar, artist and musician) and Patrick Wynne (Fantasy illustrator, Tolkien scholar); Chairman, Jo Alida Wilcox, Conference Co-ordinator, Bill Welden.

XXII, July 26-29, 1991, The Clarion Hotel at Balboa Park, San Diego, California. "The Hero Cycle: Archetypes in Fantasy Literature." Guests of Honor, C.J. Cherryh (Fantasy author) and Stephen W. Potts (Campbell scholar); Chair, Linda Sundstrom.

XXIII, August 17-24, 1992, Keble College, Oxford University, England. "The J.R.R. Tolkien Centenary Conference." Sixteen Guests, including Christopher Tolkien. Chairman, Christina Scull.

XXIV, July 30-August 2, 1993, The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Campus. "Down the Hobbit-hole and Through the Wardrobe: Fantasy in Children's Literature." Guests of Honor, Carol Kendall and Jane Yolen; Keynote Speaker, Jack Zipes. Committee: The Rivendell Group.

XXV, 1994, Washington, D.C. "The Language of Myth." Guests of Honor: Madeleine L'Engle and Verlyn Flieger. Chair, Wendell Wagner.

XXVI, August 4-7, 1995, Berkeley, CA. "Fairies in the Garden, Monsters at the Mall: Fantasy in the World Around Us." Guests of Honor: Tim Powers and Michael R. Collings. Chair, Ellie Farrell.

XXVII, July 26-29, 1996, Boulder, CO. "The Inklings and Nature." Guests of Honor:
Doris Myers, Ph.D., and Ted Nasmith. Chair, Bruce Leonard.

XXVIII. August, 1997, Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA. Guests of Honor: Orson Scott Card, Wayne Hammond and Christina Scull. Chair, Glen GoodKnight.

XXIX. The C.S. Lewis Centenary Conference will be chaired by Diana Pavlac, and held at Wheaton College, near Chicago. Contact Diana at

Bree Moot 4/MYTHCON XXX. Guests of Honor: Gary & Sylvia Hunnewell and Douglas A. Anerson

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