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Wood Between the Worlds: Webs between Writers.

Comments on other mythopoeic writers & works

Lloyd Alexander

Eleanor Arnason

Ruth Berman

James P. Blaylock

L.M. Boston

Marion Zimmer Bradley has been a frequent subject of MythSoc discussions. I don't have any local files as yet, but try this Darkover site:

A.S. Byatt

Italo Calvino

Kara Dalkey

Pam Dean this is her own web-site, but several of her books have received considerable discussion in Butterbur's Woodshed, and in some of the local Mythopoeic Society groups, for example, Rivendell. Sorry, I don't have any local files. She is also a local, Twin Cities writer. Another interesting web-site is Felix Strates's site called The Annotated Dean [] with annotations for most of Dean's books.

Phyllis Eisenstein

P.C. Hodgell

Carol Kendall

Peg Kerr

Sandra Lindow

Kay Lindskoog Remembered

H.P. Lovecraft

R.A. MacAvoy

Patricia McKillip--no local files, yet, for this MFA-winning author, who's been Mythcon guest of honor and one of the most-discussed living writers in the many discussion groups and Mythopoeic Society publications, but here's a fine web-page.

Sherwood Smith-- local file consists of a couple of school essays by11 and 12 year old Claire, and here's Sherwood's homepage. She's been a longtime member of the Mythopoeic Society and served as an officer for many years.

Caroline J. Stevermer

L.A. Taylor

P.L. Travers

Joan Marie Verba

Evangeline Walton

Patricia C. Wrede

Jane Yolen

Paul Edwin Zimmer Swordsman and Poet 16 October 1943-18 October 1997 Recently reprinted from Mythprint on the Society's homepage is this obituary by David Bratman for long-time Society activist and writer Paul Edwin Zimmer, who recently died.

Jack Zipes


Here's a similar list, of Minnesota and SF & F-related writers, from David Dyer-Bennet,

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