The group convened in January 2004 for a discussion of the recent Return of the King film with the established Rivendell Group and Second Foundation discussion groups. More of their plans can be found at web-page,

they also have a new web-page at:

Here is a clearer picture of their display, with details below.

From the display:

Interested in The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien and meeting people? Sign up to join the Minnesota Lord of the Rings Line Party. You will be kept informed via email of Lord of the Rings and Tolkien related events in the Twin Cities area.

Also, sign up to let us know what your opinions are on what you would like to see should a Minnesota Tolkien Society be formed. If you would like to contribute your talents, or would like to become a part of the formation of the Society, be sure to specify on the form. We will keep you informed via email on our progress.


Here is a newspaper report on the Line Party activities at the fall opening of the film which lead to the MTS idea:






For more information about the Minnesota Tolkien Society, contact Eruenion at

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