Knossos Knotes,

newsletter of the Knossos Discussion Group of the Mythopoeic Society (Washington, D.C. Area).


The Holiday dinner was held December 12 at SamWoo Restaurant in Rockville, and was attended by Wendell, Gene, Bill, Maryanne, Brick, Mary, Paul, Julia, Mel, John, Martin, Phyllis and Mimi. Knosslings Christina Hussar and Miranda "Spike" Barrientos were also present, and we hope soon to have news of the addition of another Knossling, thanks to Paul and Julia! Wendell had brought his pictures of Australia, and we hope he will bring them to future meetings as well, so that those of us who didn't have a chance in December can see them.

Following is the list of people who have picks coming up. In order: Cary, Mel, Brick, Bill, Bob, Jack, John. Please be thinking about what book you want to pick, and what month will be good for you.

I have been very unhappy about the number of meetings I have had to miss in the past year, and 2000 doesn't look a whole lot better. In April, the regular meeting date (April 21) will be Good Friday, and I expect there may be others besides me who will be unable or unwilling to attend a meeting that evening. (I have a standing commitment to sing for the Good Friday service at the Franciscan Monastery in DC.) I think it would be a good idea for us to get a sense of the group about whether we want to change the meeting date for April, or whether there are few enough who would be affected that the group should go ahead and meet as scheduled. In May I will have a dress rehearsal on the 19th, in August I'm HOPING to go to Mythcon. September I may also be gone, and November I may well have a rehearsal again . . . The reason I'm telling you all this is that, although I am happy to continue as your Minotaur, and will try to do better about getting out timely information, I'm going to need help with scheduling and record-keeping when I can't be at the meetings. Also, in the last couple ofissues of Mythprint they have been including reports of some local chapter meetings, including the names of those present and a summary of the discussion. Do we want to participate? If so, SOMEONE will have to take responsibility for taking notes and sending them in. Be thinking about this, and we'll talk about it at the next meeting.


Everyone is getting snail mail this time, even those who said email only is OK, because I'm including the long-awaited updated membership list. (I'll email that too, but just in case you want a printed list by your phone or whatever...) I hope it's accurate. Call me with any corrections, and I'll let everyone know for pen-and-ink changes.

Congratulations to Brent Warner and Cristina Doria, who were married on August 21. (Not surprisingly, they weren't at the meeting the night before!) We look forward to seeing them in College Park for the September meeting.


The April meeting was one of our best attended in a long time. There were four Hussars and one Hussar-to-be, three Barrientos, the entire Virginia contingent, the entire West Virginia membership (John), and Ellen, the Mikes, Mel, Wendell, Martin, and Bob.

This seems to be the year for Knossos weddings. Irv Koch got a head start when he and Kay Pinckney were married last December. Paul Hussar and Julia Kutina solemnized their marriage May 22 at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in D.C. It was nice to see the Smith-Rowland family there. Soon to make the trek to the altar are Brent Warner and (embarrassing senior moment - I can't remember her last name) Cristina.

Save your Minotaur some $$$ - if you are now receiving Knossos Knotes by e-mail, and you find a snail-mailed copy unnecessary, please let me know. I will discontinue sending hard copy ONLY at your request - if I do not hear from you, or you let me know that you prefer to continue receiving this beautifully formatted printed version, I will continue to send it.

People who should be thinking about picks are: Cary, Mel, Gene, and Brick. I'll be slipping mine (Hugo nominee To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis) in sometime after the first of the year - I dropped out of the rotation because we met here in March and May, and I wanted to give you a break from driving to Virginia. We don't seem to qualify as a Center of the Universe in spite of having three active members in one house - I guess The Rules don't allow a COTU to exist in Virginia?

I am very sorry to say that I will miss both the July and August meetings, being respectively en route to Utah and at camp in New Hampshire. I look forward to seeing you all again in August at Ellen's. Meanwhile, someone else will have to call for The Book, take the polls, and generally keep the group in shape. Have a good summer!

3/31/99 Knossos Knews Note:

We still need a host and a book for the July 16 meeting. Looks as if it may be a group pick, since none of the next few people on the list is able or willing to take that month. (I'll be out of town.) We'll discuss this at the April meeting. Ellen Vartanoff will host the August meeting; her pick is "any of the Redwall novels" by Brian Jacques. September is tentatively set to be hosted by Brent Warner, which will give those who haven't already met Christina a chance to welcome his bride (as of sometime in August.) The next six picks are MOI, Cary, Wendell, Mel, Gene and Brick, which will carry us well into Y2K. Wendell's book will be The Third Policeman by Flann O'Brien.

For those of you whom we haven't seen recently, we miss you at meetings! We all have such busy schedules, or Knosslings to take care of, or Friday night exhaustion, or being out of town, or getting married . . . so we understand, really, but we hope you'll come when you can. Don't forget, May meeting is the SECOND Friday, May 14!

1/26/99 Knossos Note:

February 19: The Conscious Universe, by Dean I. Radin (picked by Paul Hussar). >Announcing a Knossos first! February's meeting will have a special invited guest! She is Anna Toyna, a medical intuitive who organized the telepathy panel at WorldCon. She claims to employ paranormal abilities in her work and is conversant with a lot of research in the area. If you can pick up Baltimore radio stations, you can hear her the Friday before our meeting on WCBM from 1:00 to 3:00 PM, or you can go to their web sight which is So don't worry if you don't think you're going to get to read the book. Come and hear what Anna has to say. I think it will be unusually intersting. --Paul


Once again we had a lively holiday party at La Madeleine. Thanks to Ellen Vartanoff, who brought us some beautiful posters, and Cary Hoagland, who showed up with a huge collection of books, many of which found new homes with Knossos members. Two Knosslings were there: Christina Hussar and Brian Pappas. Afterwards several of us got lost trying to find Charles Butler's play, due to the incompetence of the Minotaur, who had inadvertantly published the first innacurate information instead of the later detailed directions from Charles. Many apologies to all, especially Charles. HOWEVER - there may still be an opportunity to make up for this. Charles has sent me information which I am forwarding to you alll, telling how an interested group could arrange for more performances.


>Subject: According to Us (Cary Suggested I send this to you)


>According to Us (A parabolic musical)

>Dates and space to be decided.

An original musical by Washington playwright Charles Butler, with arrangements by Baltimore opera singer and Peabody graduate Rosanna Tufts-Prothro.

Three homeless people are willed the overgrown garden of an urban church by the Rector who has suddenly died. Maggie hears voices, Nick has lost his memory, Simon is a street bum who won't come inside. Her storytelling brought them hope. Who will restore her ministry?

"Be a child in your dancing and wake up the sky,

Be a child in your sorrow, like a night soon passed by,

Be a child as you hold my hand trusting and new.

And I like yourself will be innocent too."

The play can be performed in a space as small as a rec room and as large as a cathedral. It is intimate, yet spacious. There are 4 characters,ma drummer, and a sound manager. All props are brought with the actors, so preparation is minimal, just open space. A flyer original can be provided with advance notice.

Cost is $10/person + 1 can of food for your local homeless shelter. Minimum 20 persons.

Contact Charles Butler at (301) 595-7434 or to negotiate time and space.


February 20, 1998 at Wendell Wagner's

THE BOOK Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

This book is a classic, so no one should have a problem finding a copy!


March 20, 1998 at Mel Dickover's

THE BOOK Guilty Pleasures by Laurel Hamilton

This book is currently available in paperback at major booksellers. Mel says it is a mixture of mystery, horror, fantasy and romance. Sounds like fun!


Sorry this is so late getting out. Blame incipient senility on the part of the Minotaur, communications lag, micro-organisms (the various respiratory-ailment causing type) ... I have lots of poor excuses. Anyway, many of us knew about Wendell's February choice through word of mouth (I don't think it was ever published) and I hope we all have time to read it.

March will see us back at Mel's again; this time for a change it's his own pick. In case we haven't mentioned it lately, a big vote of thanks goes to Mel for being so graciously willing to host meetings for other members as well as for club picks.

In April it looks as if we will fianlly get around to dreaming with Einstein. (THE BOOK: Einstein's Dreams, by Alan Lightman, originally scheduled for last October) We're still waiting for a final determination about the place.

Other upcoming books that have been given to me - haven't yet determined what month each will be - include Original Sin by P. D. James (Bill Hussar) and The Arabian Nights, any translation (John Epperson). More information in the knext Knossos Knotes.

To help you in planning: my records show that after Gene (April) the order for picks should be Martin, Bill, Mary, John, Brick, Phyllis - with new member Bob Burrows slipped in whenever he's ready. If any of you have a pick and a choice for what month you prefer, please let me know. When the people whose turn is coming up aren't at meetings, and also don't have e-mail, this phonophobe has a hard time putting a schedule together.

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