Joan Marie Verba
a bibliography

A NOVEL, Autumn World, will be out from StoneDragon Press in 2001. This book is co-written by a group of five authors, including Joan. All of them were once members of a writers' group today known as the "Aaardvarks."



Autumn World, 2001

Boldly Writing

North Dakota, Lerner Books, 1992

Voyager: Exploring the Outer Planets, Lerner Books, 1991

Short Stories:
"Safe Passage," Snows of Darkover, 1994
"The Madwoman of the Kilghard Hills," Towers of Darkover, 1993
"The Sum of the Parts," Science Fiction Review, Summer 1991
"An Invitation to Chaos," Leroni of Darkover, 1991
"The Honor of the Guild," Renunciates of Darkover, 1991
"Mind-eater," Domains of Darkover, 1990
"Death's Scepter," Four Moons of Darkover, 1988
"This One Time," Free Amazons of Darkover, 1985

"She Dunit," Mpls./St. Paul Magazine, October 1984, p. 147
"The Three Great Myths of Writing," SCBWI Bulletin, December 1994/January 1995
"Computer Manuscript Formatting," SCBWI Bulletin, April/May 1995
"Coda Music Technology," ComputerUser magazine, December 1995

Joan is pictured along with other members of The Rivendell Group on the Rivendell page.


Joan's review of the 1990 production of The Hobbit in Mythprint

Joan's report of a Rivendell Group discussion of L.A. Taylor's The Fathergod Experiment

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