Jan 29, '97 note: hi from Lothlorien. Yes - please have all inquirers go through you without listing my E- address. Things are busy enough here, what with all the polishing of the leaves on the Mallorn trees so that hope can spring eternal. (Mallorns, as you know, keep their leaves until Spring. This does wonders for the ordinary garden and will drive old gaffers nuts searching counters for enough Miracle Grow to try and match our golden splendor). Here's the question of the month: Is it a RULE or something that one starts to PACK IN more and more things to do on a daily agenda as one gets older? I'm starting to have nightmares that I've missed a class and the students will be waiting with cobwebs on their chins until I get it together. Woa. Of course - you probably have yourself spaced nicely - right? If the answer is yes - never E-mail me again! Ha. Thank you and Namarie. --Linda Sundstrom

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