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the Hermit of the Southern March sat gazing into the smooth pool beneath the spreading tree . For it was in this pool that the Hermit looked when he wanted to know what was going on in the world outside his hermitage. [I]t was a magic pool: instead of reflecting the tree and the sky it revealed cloudy and coloured shapes moving, always moving, in its depths. But [he] could see nothing clearly.

(CSL: The Horse & His Boy, 157-8).

Some time back I did a newsletter intended for the local discussion groups of The Mythopoeic Society, an idea exchange about the history of the groups and some of their experiences. I wanted to find out how to start new groups, and how I, isolated in Minnesota from potential groups of our members in places like Seattle or Tampa or Montreal or San Diego, or individuals in rural areas of Arkansas or Tennesee or Idaho, could possibly support their efforts. We don't have good answers to all of these questions, but I think accounts of other people's experiences starting their groups and how they operate can be helpful and (at the least) inspiring. Book discussion groups are big, right now. Or everyone says they are. Maybe that's why we seem to be growing in this area, too. If you stumble over this page, and you have some interesting ideas or experiences to relate here, pass them on to me, David Lenander, Secretary for Discussion Groups for The Mythopoeic Society. It may take me a while to put most of what I have online here, but if I actually receive other suggestions, I'll move new contributions to the top of the pile! Thanks. --David Lenander, Hermit of the Northern March.


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Text of the Mythopoeic Society Discussion & Special Interest Group Charter

The Activity Calendar of the Mythopoeic Society discussion groups, here are listed chartered local discussion groups (and contact addresses), potential group organizers, temporarily dormant groups, and a series of non-affiliated groups of interest to Mythopoeic Society members. Also, there are links to many of the files listed below.

HP#2: DG Newsletters...

Welcome to our Newest Group!!!

Salem/Portland area
Donovan Matole
65 Sweden Circle
Silverton, OR 97381 (home) (work)
503-874-1314 (home)

New web-page:

I just wanted to let you know that the Oregon Discussion Group is off to a great start. The first meeting was held on July 18th and had a good turn-out of Inking lovers. The group will continue to meet on the third Sunday of each month at 7 PM, at Borders Books & Music, 2235 Lancaster Drive NE, Salem, Oregon 97305, 503-375-9588

The next three books have been decided upon.

Welcome to our next Discussion Group Secretary!

Matt Winslow is unopposed on the ballot for the position, to begin January, 2000.

Pictured: Matt Winslow, from his homepage. Matt is the Mithlond web-master, and an active poster on Mere Lewis. He is also a member of Butterbur's Woodshed.

Some local group news & histories

An Etymological Excursion Among the Discussion Groups, by David Bratman

The District of Columbia group, Knossos History

The San Francisco Bay, California area group (incl. SF, San Jose, Berkeley, Oakland, etc)
The Khazad-dûm homepage,

The Denver, Colorado group, Fanuidhol homepage

The Hawaii group
Sammath Naur (and here's a report on their recent 20th anniversary celebration)

The Ann Arbor/Flint, Michigan group
Galadhremmin Ennorath Some Discussion Reports

The Twin Cities, Minnesota group. The Rivendell homepage, and Discussion Reports

The Reno, Nevada group. The Crickhollow homepage

The history of the Milwaukee, WI group The Burrahobbits

We also have prospective and dormant groups,which hope to one day begin or resume regular meetings. One of the dormant groups was The Prancing Pony, in Dayton-Kettering, OH. Their banner:

Homepages for our correspondence groups
The Butterbur's Woodshed homepage
(contemporary adult fantasy)

Once Upon a Time (children's fantasy)

and for electronic correspondence,

Coinherence (discussion of Charles Williams) contact David Davis,
or visit their web-page, The Web of Exchange

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