Comments on Kenneth Morris's The Dragon Path

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The Dragon Path

Kenneth Morris is one of my favorite fantasy writers, and for a singular reason. No other author whose work I've read conveys the same sense of the transcendent nature of reality that Morris does. The settings of his stories radiate an almost mystical sense of the beauty of the world [in which] we live. Such a profound mystical sense comes at a price; Morris's plot lines and characterization are weak. However, he is particularly effective at making [me] feel "more than myself" (to modify Lewis's words).
I've read a number of the stories in this collection and enjoyed them all. The thought occured to me that Morris may be more successful in a shorter format; small doses of these mystical tales seem less overwhelming to me. That may be why I seem to read only one or two stories at a time, rather than trying to read the entire collection in one sitting. Although I would like to see this book on the short list, I have my doubts that this will happen. Morris strikes me as similar to Scotch and Guiness. People tend to fit into two camps--"I love it" or "I really don't like it."

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