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7/28/99 addition: News from Bree #4

Question: How close is the Cousins Center to Marquette University and the Tolkien collections?

I have collected schedules for the public bus routes but that trip'll take 45 minutes to an hour since nothing runs directly from Bay View (Cousins Center) to the downtown area. The trip involves at least 2 changes of buses. ==David Hoose [by car, it's more like 10 to 15 minutes, according to other estimates--see further notes below.--David Lenander]

What's the name of the airport?

There is only one airport for commercial airlines: General Billy Mitchell International Airport. (Timmerman airfield handles small private crafts.)--Jan Long

There is a shuttle service that runs between the airport and hotels and places like Cousins Center: Limousine Services Airport Shuttle (414/769-2444).-- David Hoose


Today I will post the information I've gathered. I included a map provided by the Counsins Center but it doesn't clearly show the downtown area where some hotels(and Marquette) are located. But it sounds like Jan Long is coming to the rescue with her maps. All the hotels & motels are situated in safe neighborhoods but none, save the B&B in Bay View, are close to the ABC. Downtown is about a 15 minute drive. The airport area is about the same distance. I can also provide information on dining spots and Milwaukee activities (a major ethnic festival, the African World Festival, and the Third Ward Block party are scheduled for that weekend) for display at the MythMoot. I think Jan Long is also collecting some of this info. Let me know when you receive your packet, if you have any questions, and if I can provide anything else.--David Hoose

Not keen on staying in an unairconditioned dorm, with 2 communal bathrooms per floor?

We also hope to be able to provide a list of other accommodations for anyone who doesn't care to partake of the "dormitory-like" living situation, though these other accommodations would almost certainly be more expensive, and being off-campus, lack the communal ambiance that many Mythcon attendees so much appreciate about Mythcons. Note that Jan & Jeff Long and Mike Foster all agreed that the lack of air-conditioning in the dorm won't be a problem, since Lake Michigan, just across the road from our site, has a "moderating" effect on temperatures. We have often been in dorms without A/C in the past, of course, but in cities like Berkeley or even Long Beach, the Pacific climate is not as hot and humid as in the midwest.

Committee member David Hoose writes:

I've some hotel information ready to mail and will post it tomorrow. But I thought you might want to include, on the MythMoot web page, a link to Milwaukee information specifically from the Greater Milwaukee Convention and Visitors Bureau:

Maps: some maps of the area, showing the Cousins Center in southern Milwaukee, the airport and Marquette University (some distance to the north). --David Lenander

Cousins Center maps--floor plans and so on.


Notes on plans with the Marquette University Tolkien Collections, by Jan Long.


Monday-Friday hours: 8:00am-5:00pm (normal hours Archives is open)

Saturday for the conference: 10:00am-5:00pm (July 31)

Sunday for the conference: 1:00-5:00pm (August 1)



Chuck will ensure that there is both professional and clerical staffing on hand all this weekend. Most of his help will be library student workers. Jan Long (& Jeff Long if need be) will be the Archives liaisons to act as floaters between the Cousins Center and the Archives. Most likely, Jeff will remain at the Cousins Center due to his capacity as treasurer. Chuck asks that we keep the conference helpers to a minimum.


At the COUSINS CENTER: Marquette's standard "road" display about the Tolkien collection will be loaned to the conference. It is a table top display, with handouts also available.

At 1987's conference, Mike Foster presented a slide show featuring several manuscript pages from the Tolkien collection. This, too, will be loaned out (thru Jan Long) to the conference.

At MARQUETTE: On permanent display in the walled glass cases there are several manuscript pages from the collection, featuring some of the various types of calligraphy, sketches, the 3 pages from the book of Mazarbul, genealogy charts and good ol' fashioned scribbling.

On temporary display in the 2 table top cases we will show some of the manuscript pages from Farmer Giles of Ham. Jan & Jeff Long will aid in picking out & detailing these pages for the Archives.

Also on temporary display will be items from the collections donated by Gary Hunnewell and Dick Blackwelder. Hunnewell's collection is comprised of the many Tolkien fanzines he has gathered. Blackwelder's collection features practically every known printed copy of Tolkien's works.

For the movie buffs, copies of the Zimmerman film script will be on hand. This is the infamous aborted screenplay of the LOTR. It's a hoot.



Chuck is looking into providing guest parking for those attendees who may be driving to the Archives.


The Circulation Desk normally registers each visitor. If we provide the library a list of attendees to the conference, they could use this to speed up the process. Be sure attendees bring some sort of photo ID & conference registration proof with them nonetheless. (Chuck is checking this out too.)

The Archives is in the basement of the library. All areas are handicapped accessible. The Archives' door is locked but pressing a buzzer will notify personnel inside that someone wants to enter.

Maximum number allowed into the Archives at one time: 20-25. No one will be allowed entry into the Archives stacks where the originals are filed.

Manuscripts may be viewed on microfilm; extra microfilm readers will be available. No handling of originals will occur this weekend.


The conference is planning several trips during the conference on Saturday and Sunday (or Friday) to help accommodate those who cannot visite the collections before or after the conference. (Obviously, those who choose to take advantage of this option will have to miss some of the conference sessions).

From the main page: Our conference site affords local access to the Marquette University Library Special Collections, which house the principal Tolkien manuscripts for The Hobbit, Farmer Giles of Ham and The Lord of the Rings, as well as the associated volumes of "The History of Middle-earth." We plan to take advantage of this proximity in several ways, featuring the materials in a specially prepared exhibit and in our program; there will be extended hours to accommodate visits, and we are arranging some transportation at various points during the conference. There will be special exhibits of the fruits of guest of honor Gary Hunnewell's diligent collecting of Tolkien fan grouop materials over the years, mostly from the Marquette collecitons, but also some provided by Gary. You may contact Chuck Elston, Archivist, at

Archives/ Marquette University Libraries/P. O. Box 3141/Milwaukee, WI 53201-3141.

e-mail address

Dealers' Table policy

$75.00 for first table for the dealer's room, which would include one membership for the dealer. But allow one assistant to be at the table with the dealer, without a membership. $35.00 for each additional table. This is consistent with what Phil's seen for dealers at other cons.

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