Joseph A. Capecchi


The Capecchi Coat of Arms

The Duomo, Florence, Italy



In 1906 Joseph A Capecchi emigrated from Florence Italy to St Paul Minnesota. This website was created in1999 to tell the Capecchi family story, remember its roots and find other family members throughout the world. Since the inception of this site I have found Capecchi families not only in Italy and Minnesota but from Venezuela, Scotland, Australia and several other states within the USA.  Please email me if you would like to share the story of your branch of the Capecchi family.

Joseph G Capecchi


Because of computer problems and lack of time I have not been able to keep the website current.  If I am able, I will try to update the site.  Because of privacy concerns, I have decided not to include emails addresses of family members.

Joseph Capecchi

October 16, 2010


Article by Christina Capecchi

Capecchi Family reunion 2006


Family Histories:

     Ancient family history

     Capecchi family in Minnesota

      The Ungaretti Family

      Italian Legacy    


Family Photo Albums of the Minnesota Capecchi's, descendents of Joseph A Capecchi

Joseph A Capecchi Joseph E Capecchi
Paul L Capecchi Bernice and Joe Dixon


Capecchi Families around the world

Capecchi family in Scotland Mauro Capecchi, Florence, Italy
Enrique Capecchi, Venezuela Robert Capecchi, Australia




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