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Meditation on Healing: Medicine Buddha Mantra


Medicine Buddha


Visualize yourself as the Medicine Buddha


One of the best healing meditations is that on the Medicine Buddha, who is the manifestation of the healing energy of all enlightened beings. Visualize that you are the Medicine Buddha and that your bowl of medicine is extremely powerful and able to heal all diseases, including serious illnesses like cancer.


Ta dya tha
Om beishajye beishajye
Maha beishajye beishajye
Raja samung gate svaha

Medicine Buddha Mantra


Tibetans ascribe great efficacy to the Medicine Buddha Mantra. Chanting this mantra promotes healing. Enhance medicines by chanting the mantra prior to taking them. The stronger your faith and the more mantras you recite, the greater will be the power of the medicine you take. When someone is dying, chant the mantra to help the person cross over peacefully to the next sphere of existence.


The best way to cure disease is through your own mind - in other words, through meditation. Not only is meditation the most effective method for healing, but also there are no negative side effects. Meditation promotes peace and calm, and boosts the immune system. You transmit to others the happiness you experience, and thus you benefit them as well. Keep your mind steady, and you can achieve great benefits for yourself and for others without deceiving yourself.


Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche. (2000). Medicine Buddha sadhana. Taos , NM: FPMT International Office Education Services.




Snow in woods


Heal body and soul (mind)


As you ought not to attempt to cure eyes without head, or head without body, so you should not treat body without soul…and this was the reason why most maladies evaded the physicians of Greece -- that they neglected the whole, on which they ought to spend their pains, for if this were out of order it was impossible for the part to be in order.


For all that was good and evil…in the body and in the person altogether was sprung from the soul…That part was to be treated first and foremost if all was to be well with the head and the rest of the body. And the treatment of the soul…is by means of certain charms, and these charms are words of the right sort: by the use of such words temperance is engendered in our souls, and as soon as it is engendered and present, we may easily secure health to the head, and to the rest of the body also…The cure of mankind is beset with the error of certain doctors who attempt to practice the one method without the other.


Plato. (1967). Charmides. In Plato (H.N. Fowler, Trans.). Cambridge , MA : Harvard University Press.


Peaceful Ocean

Peaceful Ocean


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