Resources for Polish-American and Polish-Canadian Genealogical Research

by Edward Reimer Brandt

96-page Second Edition is out of print. A revised edition is uncertain.


Preface and Acknowledgments
     1. Scope: "Poland" and "Poles"
     2. Brief Comments Concerning Foreigners Who Came to Poland
A. Genealogical Guides
B. Bibliographies and Other Reference Works
C. Obituaries and Death Records
D. Passenger Departure and Arrival Lists
     1. Departure Lists
     2. Arrival Lists
E. Emigration and Immigration
     1. Emigration and Related Records
     2. Emigration Policies and Patterns
     3. Illegal Emigrants
     4. Nobles and Political Refugees
     5. Displaced Persons
     6. Overview of Immigration and Concentrations of Polish Settlements
     7. Immigrants in Particular Areas
F. Canadian Passenger and Border Crossing Lists
G. Polish Churches and Parish Records
     1. Roman Catholics
     2. The Protestant Reformation and Re-Catholicization
     3. Protestant Denominations Today
     4. Brief History of Protestant Churches in Poland
     5. Lutheran Records
     6. Reformed Records
     7. Greek Catholic and Orthodox Records
     8. Multi-Denominational Repositories and Resources
     9. Filming of Polish Parish Registers
H. Identifying Historically Polish Parishes in North America
     1. American Parishes
     2. Canadian Parishes
     3. Parishes in Both Countries
I. Census Records and City Directories
     1. North American Records and Publications
     2. European Records and Publications
J. Publications Relating to Polish Names, Mostly Surnames
K. Gazetteers, Atlases and Maps, Including Books on Place Name Changes
     1. Key Gazetteers of Poland
     2. Gazetteers Which Identify Localities by Province
     3. Gazetteers for Finding Coordinates
     4. Gazetteers Listing Place Name Changes
     5. Gazetteers of the German Empire or the Prussian Partition
     6. Gazetteers for Galicia or the Austrian Empire
     7. Gazetteers and Maps: Russian Empire, Congress Poland, Ukraine,
     8. Atlases
     9. Maps of Poland
    10. Maps of Eastern and Central Europe
    11. Galician Maps and Related Land Records
L. Dealing with the Languages of Records
M. Polish-North American Genealogical Societies and Periodicals
N. Kashubians, Silesians, Sorbs, Lemkos and Other Distinct Groups
     1. Kashubians in Poland and Medieval Pomerania
     2. Clarification of "Pomerania"
     3. Kashubian Emigrants and Their Settlements in North America
     4. Kashubian Genealogical Research
     5. Silesians
     6. Silesian Genealogy
     7. Sorbs or Wends
     8. Other Distinct Groups
O. Multi-Ethnic and Non-Polish Genealogical Organizations
P. Genealogical-Heraldic Societies and Periodicals in Poland
     1. Genealogy
     2. Heraldry
Q. Poles In Other Immigrant Countries
R. Resource Centers, Archival Sources and Research Services in Europe
S. Civil Records
     1. Records in or for Poland
     2. Congress Poland or Russian Poland
     3. Western Gubernias of the Russian Empire (error in orginal title)
     4. Galicia
     5. American Civil Records
T. Military Records
     1. European Records
     2. American Records
U. History of Poland and Polonia
     1. North American Immigrants of Polish Ancestry
     2. General Polish History
     3. History of Polish Social Classes
V. North American Archives with Records on Polish Immigration
     1. American Resources
     2. Canadian Resources
     3. American Repositories with East European Immigrant Collections
W. Polish-Language American Newspapers
X. Miscellaneous Resources for Research
     1. Governmental Resources
     2. Private Resources
     3. Researchers in Other Disciplines
     4. Using Interlibrary Loan Services
     5. Researching Ancestors from Large Cities
Y. Notes Concerning Indexing
     1. Alphabetization
     2. Coverage of Distinct Groups
Z. Specialized Indexes
     1. Index of Personal Names
     2. Index of Place Names
     3. Index of Distinct Groups
     4. Index of Periodicals
     5. Index of Complete Addresses

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