Tryout Format

School Starts TBD, 2015

We do take bowling fairly seriously and like to see some really good talent come through our program but we welcome all levels of bowlers and will be able to help you become a much better bowler than before you joined. Tryouts are basically just getting to meet everyone on the team and getting comfortable with the group. If you like it great, you are welcome to stay and we'll see where the best fit would be for you. If you don't like it, no harm done, you won't be charged anything and we'll be very appreciative of you just for trying. After we get to know each other and find out what level bowler everyone is, the captains and officers will watch for things like those listed in the judgment standards. These criteria will determine which team we think you will fit best on. Please join us and see what we're all about and have a good time. Invite your friends and let's see if we can have 2 competition teams for the major tournaments this year!

Judgment Standards
  - Average over tryouts
  - Fill %
  - Spare %
  - Strike %
  - Team Chemistry
  - Overall attitude

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