The team's goals for the upcoming season are extensive:
  • We need more people! The past few years we've been running low on athletes for our team. If you want to join or know a bowler who might be interested let them know about us. Let's spread the word and make this University proud of their bowling team!
  • We need to finalize our fundraising activities to soften the player membership fees.
  • Investigate diverse corporate sponsors for uniform, equipment, practice, fundraising, liability, and cetera expense needs.
  • Configure training drills, including PBA Experience lane patterns, standard sport bowling lane conditions, spare accuracy, strike frequency, pin action, as well as mental and physical endurance training.
  • The ultimate goal for any collegiate bowling team is to be able to perform at the national championship. It'll take a lot of teamwork and practice but we have shown great talent in the past and have just as good a chance as any other team.

All of the team's goal are well within reach, but we will always remember to have fun along the way.

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