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Census - Dakota County, Minnesota - MNGenWeb

Federal censuses were taken in the Dakota County area every 10 years since 1830 or 1840.
Minnesota territorial censuses were taken in 1849, 1853, 1855, 1857.
Minnesota state censuses were taken in 1865, 1875, 1885, 1895, 1905.
Selected Sioux (Dakota) annuity and census rolls 1849-1935 (off-site).

On-line free sites for census indexes are:
Minnesota Historical Society (off-site)
Dakota County Historical Society (off-site)
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (off-site)
USGenWeb Census Project

On-line free sites for complete census transcriptions and/or pictures are more limited and include:
USGenWeb Census Project

On-line not free sites for census indexes, transcriptions and/or pictures include: (off-site) Hint: this site is freely accessible from Dakota County libraries and many other Minnesota libraries.

Microfilm viewing is available at various locations including:
Dakota County Historical Society (off-site)
Minnesota Historical Society (off-site).
National Archives Building (off-site)

Original censuses are available on a limited access at: (Some originals no longer exist.)
Federal: National Archives Building (off-site)
State: Minnesota Historical Society (off-site). (Some may be in the national archives?)

Censuses taken within present day Dakota County with links to free on-line locations.
Most are indexed.

Following enumerated under Dakota County, State of Minnesota
1940-2000 Not available until 72 years after the census was taken.
1905 (off-site)
1900 (off-site) Native American (off-site)
1895 (off-site)
1890 (For this county, only the veteran portion remains)
1885 (off-site) Also:1885 (off-site)
1880 (off-site) Also:1880 (off-site)
1875 (off-site) Also: 1875 (off-site)
1870 Printed index at DCHS (off-site)
1865 (off-site) Also:1865 (off-site)
1860 (off-site) Also:1860

Following enumerated under Dakota County, Minnesota Territory
1857 (off-site) Also:1857 (off-site)
1855 (off-site) Also:1855 (off-site book #8) Appears to be Territory wide but maybe only Chisago, Doty & Wright Counties remain.
1853 (off-site) Also:1853 (off-site book #13,#9) Mendota: Dakota County, Stillwater: Washington County and ?
1850 (off-site) Also:1850 text images

Following enumerated under something other than Dakota County, Minnesota
1850 (off-site) Also:1850 text images Wabasha County, Minnesota Territory
1849 (off-site) Also:1849 Jun 11 (off-site) Black Dog Village, Mendota & Crow Village, Minnesota Territory
1840 text St. Peter's Precinct/2nd District, Clayton County, Iowa Territory.
1838 Jun (off-site) North of Root River (off-site), Clayton County, Wisconsin Territory soon to become Iowa Territory
1836 Jul (off site) Crafword County, Wisconsin Territory

Dakota County, Minnesota Federal Census Index (off-site)
U. S. Map showing census coverage (off-site)

The 1850 Dakotah County census consists of 586 people (14 pages) and covers the large Dahkotah County, Minnesota Territory. Few Dakota people are included as part of this census. Bold indicates areas of present day Dakota County.
  • pgs. 6A-6B - On the St Peters River
  • pgs. 7A-7B - Lac qui Parle
  • pgs. 7B-7B - Big Stone Lake
  • pgs. 7B-8A - Crow Village
  • pgs. 8A-9B - Mendota
  • pgs. 9B-10B - Fort Snelling & Vicinity
  • pgs. 10B-13B - Fort Snelling
The 1850 Wabashaw County census consists of 245 people (6 pages) and covers the large Wabashaw County, Minnesota Territory. Part of present day Dakota County may have been enumerated in this census. Bold indicates this possible inclusion. Few Dakota people are included as part of this census.
  • pgs. 62A-62B - District No. 1
  • pgs. 64A-64B - District No. 1
  • pgs. 65B-65B - District No. 1
1840 details
This census consists of 601 people (12 pages) and covers the six hundred miles in extent Fayette County (upper 3/4 of IA Territory) & typical sized Clayton County, Iowa Territory. Few Native people are included as part of this census. Bold indicates areas of present day Dakota County.
  • pgs. 5-10 - First District of Clayton County
  • pgs. 13-16 - St Peter Precinct - Second District
  • pgs. 17-18 - Lake Peapan Precinct - Second District
1830 (off site) Crawford County, Michigan Territory

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