Annotated Bibliography of the Old Copper Complex

Kent Bakken

Bakken, Kent
1989 Annotated Bibliography of the Old Copper Complex. Unpublished manuscript, on file at the Wilford Archaeology Lab, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Abstract. This bibliography lists sources concerning the Old Copper complex. Where it was possible to review a source, a brief annotation is included. The bibliography attempts to be comprehensive for references relating directly to the Old Copper complex and for "catalog" information. A limited number of cross references are provided where they seem most useful.

For ease of access, this large document has been divided into several smaller files. They may be reached from this index page, using the links in the following table of contents.

Table of Contents:
I. Syntheses and General Works
II. Old Copper Sites
III. Raw Material and Mining
IV. Catalogs
V. Other Citations

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