Lithic Raw Material Resources in Minnesota

Kent Bakken

Bakken, Kent
1995 Lithic Raw Material Resources in Minnesota. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, Minneapolis, May 3-7, 1995.

ABSTRACT. This paper provides a synthesis and overview of current knowledge concerning lithic raw material resources in Minnesota. A large part of the state is covered with glacial drift which served as a diffuse source of raw materials. Primary geological sources such as outcrops and lag deposits also served as raw material sources in some parts of the state. Three raw material resource regions are defined and described, each containing a different set of raw materials and types of raw material sources. Strategies for conducting a raw material analysis within this context are discussed, including both identifying individual materials and interpreting the significance of a lithic assemblage. A cross referenced list of raw materials found at regional sites is included.

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Table of Contents
Western Raw Material Region
Eastern Raw Material Region
Southern Raw Material Region
Conducting an Analysis
Raw Material Reference A-F
Raw Material Reference G-L
Raw Material Reference M-Z
Summary and Conclusion
Sources Cited

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