Why Choose ΑΣΚ?


Perhaps the biggest benefit of joining Alpha Sigma Kappa - Women in Technical Studies is the sisterhood. Having sisters there to act as mentors and friends can be both rewarding and fun. Sisters of Alpha Sigma Kappa become life long friends and stay in touch years after they graduate. They've been bridesmaids, god parents, and most of all - best friends.


Since Alpha Sigma Kappa is a sorority for women in the sciences and engineering fields, many sisters are able to take classes together. This allows them to help each other with homework, tests, and studying. Many other sisters have also had the same classes before, so there is always someone there to help. We set up study times several times a month and use that time to give each other a hand.

Outside of academics, Candidates receive a Big Sister to help her learn about the sorority and begin to understand her role in it. Big Sisters, along with all the other members provide help and guidance in every aspect of a sister's life - family, friends, school, jobs. Joining Alpha Sigma Kappa is a great way for a Freshman to learn about the University and the many opportunities that exist.


Leadership opportunities abound in sororities, and Alpha Sigma Kappa is no different. If anything, because of our smaller size, we offer more opportunities for every Sister and even Candidates to become involved in the running of our chapter. Sisters may run for executive offices, hold appointed chair positions, and sit on committees, while Candidates may be their Candidate Class representative, and also sit on committees to plan important chapter events.


Being a part of something larger than yourself can help you to define who you are. Through helping the Sisterhood to grow and strengthen, you are strengthening your own values, and learning how to set and achieve goals. It is our hope that every Candidate grows as a person during her Candidate semester, even if she chooses not to become a Sister. We help to see this through by providing more than just education about our Sorority and Greek Life during that semester, we also offer seminars and workshops on such important skills as time management, setting a budget, learning about how to get out of debt, and by offering social situations where Candidates and Actives alike can hone their social skills and become more personable, more responsible, or whatever other personal goal she has set for herself that semester.


Joining a sorority is a great way to get involved and have it look great on your resume, especially if you take advantage of leadership roles. Alpha Sigma Kappa volunteers with various charities and works together on many philanthropy events. We also get involved with many science and engineering related activities throughout the year.

*thanks to our sister chapter for the wording