5/1/2014 -We are celebrating 25 years of sisterhood this year!

Founder's Day Celebration

4/12/2014 -We gained 11 beautiful sisters today. Welcome to the Pride Alpha-Chi Class!

2/5/2014 - 10/5/2014 -Spring Semester Recruitment! Check out the recruitment tab for more details.

11/18/2013 -Welcome to the Pride Alpha-Phi Sisters!


"A Lioness and Her Pride"

Our Purpose is to promote Friendship, Academic achievement, Unity within the sisterhood, and Philanthropy throughout the community.

We are a sorority committed to Achieving our goals, and Promoting women in technical fields through Leadership, Friendship, and Support.

The Alpha Chapter of Alpha Sigma Kappa- Women in Technical Studies welcome all interested women to learn about our organization at the University of Minnesota.

ΑΣΚ is unique because it is a social sorority for women in technical majors. The Sorority accepts women in Engineering, Architecture and the Sciences, (including, but not limited, to Math, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science).

Historically, these career fields were dominated by men. At the time the sorority was founded, only 17% of the students enrolled in the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota were female. The presence of a group dedicated to supporting the few women who entered such fields was greatly needed. Today, these fields are seeing more and more women. We feel an organization that develops, encourages and supports the academic and social needs of these women is an important aspect to our society and ourselves.

The Greek letters "ΑΣΚ" represent involvement with the community and in truly being a social sorority. "Women in Technical Studies" recognizes our goal of academic and professional achievement.

The sorority is very focused on academics, and sisters are supported in learning and studying. Friendship, fellowship, and commitment are the cornerstones of the sorority.

The goal of the sorority is to promote friendship, academic achievement, and unity within the organization. philanthropy is promoted throughout the community. This sorority of women is committed to achieving academic goals and promoting women in technical fields, through leadership, friendship, and support.

Spring 2014 Alpha-Chi Initiation Ceremony